Scott Allie

Scott Allie Organizes All-Star Team to Create a Free Comic for Portland's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie has announced a cool giveaway for attendees of this year's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival: As the film festival will be held on Free Comic Day, Allie assembled a great creative team and personally edited a giveaway comic for the show.

Dark Horse Comics Beginning the Three-Part Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible Series in April

The three-part Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible from Dark Horse Comics begins in April and follows Abe on a quest to reveal his own role in the end of the world. It's a can't miss story for B.P.R.D./Hellboy fans, and we have a look at the covers of the first two installments and pre-order info.

Guest Interview: Steve Niles Talks Ugly Vampires, How to Treat Fans, Creator-Driven Comics, His Inspirations, and Lots More

Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie provided us with another guest interview this week in which he chats with the incomparable Steve Niles, horror writer extraordinaire.

Guest Interview: Writer/Artist David Lapham on The Strain, Ferals, Self-Publishing, 'Weird' Tweeting, and More

Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie had an in-depth chat with the Eisner Award-winning writer/artist David Lapham on a wide range of topics including his adaptation of The Strain, the upcoming Ferals, the ups and downs of the comics world, blowing off steam on Twitter, and lots more.

Guest Blog: Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie Interviews Artist Dave Stewart

Time for another installment in our guest blog series in which Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie interviews some of the best and most prolific contributors to the horror genre. On tap today we have the multiple Eisner Award winning colorist Dave Stewart.

Guest Blog: Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie Interviews Author Christopher Golden

In honor of the release of Christopher Golden's Joe Golem and the Drowning City in limited edition hardcover on October 3 and Baltimore: The Play, his collaboration with Mike Mignola, on November 21, Dark Horse editor Scott Allie interviewed the award-winning author for us.

New Info and Images from Dark Horse Comics Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie

Scott Allie is a busy man. Aside from his usual responsibilities as the senior managing editor at Dark Horse Comics, he's taken on new writing endeavors, and this weekend he finds himself as a guest of honor at the World Horror Convention (March 29-April 1) in Salt Lake City.

Another New Bit of Teaser Artwork for Dark Horse Comics' B.P.R.D.

Those devilish denizens of Dark Horse Comics are at it again with a third piece of the puzzle that is B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). What better way to close out the week than with another sneak peek at some new artwork for the series?

An Exclusive Early Look at Two Upcoming B.P.R.D. Covers from Dark Horse

Late last year we told you about Dark Horse Comics' plan to release five new B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) titles, two of which are B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death and B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Pickens County Horror; and today we have an exclusive early look at upcoming covers for each.

More Teaser Artwork for Dark Horse's B.P.R.D.

Dark Horse Comics is playing Santa this week with an early Christmas gift to fans of the B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). Here's another sneak peek at some new artwork for the series.

Exclusive: Scott Allie Raises Hell with B.P.R.D. Pickens County Horror

Fans of Dark Horse Comics' Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, aka B.P.R.D., know everything is not exactly kosher in their comic universe. The world was radically altered when everyone's favorite firestarter, Liz Sherman, torched the center of the Earth with a particularly powerful fireblast. And all that is just fine by Dark Horse's Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie.

Dark Horse Announces Five New B.P.R.D. Titles that Will Shake the Organization to its Very Core!

Remember last Monday when Dark Horse Comics teased us with some artwork for its B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) series? Well, now it's all been made clear with the announcement that five new titles and some of the most earth-shattering events in the history of the series are on their way.

Drawing on Your Nightmares: Nihilism and Horror

I’m sorry to have gone delinquent on my posts here, because this has been a crazy year for me and horror. My Solomon Kane series "The Castle of the Devil" was well received, and I pushed that adventure story about as far as I could, with the help of Mario Guevara’s macabre visuals.

Drawing on Your Nightmares: After Crypticon

Lest I be taken for a pretentious twit with no place on this site after my last blog, I want to start this one with a quick review of Drag Me to Hell. I loved it.

Drawing on Your Nightmares: Heading to Crypticon

I’m writing this from Wheatfield, Wyoming, in the middle of nowhere, a very small, cool town, on a road trip to celebrate the constantly changing state of being alive. This weekend I’ll be celebrating other things, as I wend my way to Seattle for Crypticon. I’ve never done this show before, but my experience of horror cons is that they’re even wilder than comic cons.