Scorpio Film Releasing

First Word and Artwork for Scorpio Film Releasing's Exhumed

While we had heard 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse was going to be the next project for Scorpio Film Releasing, it turns out that instead they're moving forward with Exhumed, a uniquely original vision of horror written by Guy Benoit (Atomic Brain Invasion), produced by Ted Marr (The Disco Exorcist), and directed by Richard Griffin (Nun of That).

Poster Debut for The Disco Exorcist; Premiere Set for February 12th

It's been a while since we've heard anything from the folks behind The Disco Exorcist, but as proof that good things come to those who wait, today we have the film's poster debut along with details on its February 12th premiere in Providence, Rhode Island. From the Press Release:

Early Details on 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse

Scorpio Film Releasing has announced that its next production, and most ambitious to date, will be the feature film 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse, a unique look at a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by outlandishly deformed mutants, ruthlessly violent gangs, corruptible leaders, wasteland temptresses, and the most badass antihero in movie history: Python Diamond.

Early Details on The Disco Exorcist

Stories like this one are why I love writing for Dread Central. Where else could we learn about a movie called The Disco Exorcist?!? From the Press Release: