Scarlet Salem

Sarah French Ready to Take on Zombie Pirates in January

What does one hot blonde plus a band of murderous and rotting skallywags with an unquenchable thirst for bloodshed and mayhem equal? A damned good time, that's what! Such is the case with Steve Sessions' Zombie Pirates.

You Will Soon Hear the Shriek of the Sasquatch on DVD

What better way to start off the new year than with a new entry in the ever-growing Sasquatchploitation genre? The latest stomping DVD shelves this January is the grindhouse-styled (complete with fake film damage) Shriek of the Sasqautch.

New Potpourri Trailer Gets High on Horror

Drugs. Drugs are bad. Especially manufactured drugs. If it's not grown directly out of the Earth, you probably shouldn't be messing with it. However, if it's made in a lab and causes an undead epidemic, screw it, dude - toke up!

Two Big Announcements from Mile High Horror Film Festival

The Mile High Horror Film Festival, running October 7-9 in (where else) Denver, Colorado, has dropped some information on us concerning their upcoming event. We have in our hot little hands the names of the first feature film and short announced to be part of the festival. Interested? Read on, Broncoville.

The Mile High Horror Film Festival Partners With FEARnet

If you're in Denver during the weekend of October 7th-9th, that trouble breathing you're having might not be from just the high altitude and lack of oxygen. It might be from the sheer terror generated by the Mile High Horror Film Festival, which recently announced a big time partnership with FEARnet.

Get Ready Denver - The Mile High Horror Film Festival Is Preparing for Takeoff

Tim Tebow is trying to bring a winning environment back to Denver, but even if the Broncos can't get their shit together again this year and there is no Super Bowl on the horizon, the Mile High City does have another pretty interesting event scheduled that might make all the fans of pigskin violence forget their gridiron woes for a while.

Indie Horror Double Feature: See Shriek of the Sasquatch and Thirsty in Minnesota

In Minnesota? Looking for some free indie horror action? Then we have some info on a free double bill that you're not going to want to miss! Grab a raincoat and bring a drink! Things may just get really sticky!

Trailer Debut: Shriek of the Sasquatch

Time for some more good old fashioned Sasquatchploition in a movie filmed with hot chicks and scary hairy beasts! Do you think you have what it takes to heed the Shriek of the Sasquatch? Prove it by watching this new trailer.

Indie Scream Queen Scarlet Salem Puts Her Potpourri In Harm's Way

Some news on a couple of films coming out in 2011 from Minnesota. Indie horror Scream Queen Scarlet Salem, the very woman who has the pleasure of seeing famous horror author Joe Knetter's wonderful ass tattoo each and every day (lucky girl), has a role in each film. Let's take a quick look at both!

Strip Club Slasher Premieres in St. Paul, MN, this October!

A double dose of horror hits Minnesota on Wednesday, October 27th, starting at 7:00 pm at the historic - and also haunted - Mounds Theatre in St. Paul, MN, with the highly anticipated world premiere of blood & boobs splatterfest Strip Club Slasher followed by the “Blair Witch meets Evil Dead” inspired shocker Off the Beaten Path.

Death Metal Band Daigoro Dishes Out the Horror in New Video

An indie scream queen (Scarlet Salem), zombies, guns, blood, a machete, gore and an Evil Dead homage shot. Another low budget horror film? Not this time.

Coming This Fall ... More Holiday Terror on ThanXgiving

While it's not even summertime yet, there are already a couple of cool things to look forward to during the months leading up to winter. One of them is a new indie flick that isn't afraid to get more than just a little bit messy.

Scream Queen Campfire Has Visions of Knetter

This just in -- Joe Knetter, Scarlet Salem, and yes, me, Uncle Creepy, have agreed to be a part of Jonathan Moody's new webseries "Scream Queen Campfire", which will feature five beautiful scream queens sitting around a campfire taking turns telling two stories each and giving us ten terrifying and entertaining tales to digest. Just think of how many heaving boobs that can equal up to!

Early Details on The Half-Life Horror from Hell

This November will see shooting commence on The Half-Life Horror from Hell or: Irradiated Satan Rocks the World from writer/director Mark Mackner in Personburg, PA, where crime, corruption, incest, Voodoo, Satan, and heavy metal reign supreme!

New Stills from Knetter's Strip Club Slasher

With production winding down on his new film for Not For the Squeamish Productions, Strip Club Slasher, famous horror author and Dread Central's resident perv Joe Knetter dropped us off some exclusive semi-NSFW stills from the flick that may get your monitors just a wee bit steamy.