Killer Rack (2015)

killerrack 202x300 - Killer Rack (2015)Starring Jessica Zwolak, Debbie Rochon, Paul McGinnis, Michael Thurber, Michael O’Hear, James McBride

Directed by Gregory Lamberson

Killer Rack is a horror comedy that’s heavy on the comedy. As you would assume by the title and promotional artwork, it’s a movie about a pair of tits that go on a rampage after being implanted by an evil doctor that worships the elder gods of the world of H.P. Lovecraft. See, not exactly 12 Years a Slave.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being goofy just for the sake of goofiness. Troma has been successful for decades by doing just that. And, unless you were told differently, any fan of indie horror would certainly assume that Killer Rack is right out of the Troma universe… complete with a Lloyd Kaufman cameo. In actuality, Troma didn’t have anything to do with producing this film, but its influence is heavily felt, from the slapstick gross-outs to the Debbie Rochon appearance.

And that’s a perfect place to start. The lovely Ms. Rochon laces up the skates once again and appears in her nearly 250th project. D-Ro is the diabolical Dr. Thulu. (And fear not… that’s just one of the Lovecraftian nods in Killer Rack. In her commercial selling breast implants, Dr. Thulu mentions Miska-hotness University, and there are Cthulhu sightings and all sorts of fun to tickle the funny bone of Lovecraft fans.) Dr. Thulu’s scheme is to find the perfect “specimen” into which she can implant her malicious mammary glands and begin world domination. Rochon is hilarious as the over-the-top doc and fits perfectly into this film. Even more Dr. Thulu would have been much appreciated.

The skillfully cast lead role of Betty Downer, the unfortunately flat-chested heroine who becomes the target of Dr. Thulu’s plan, is played by Jessica Zwolak. Betty is the recipient of scorn from all the buxom beauties at her job where her boss, Mr. Raquel (Thurber), all but ignores her. Overlooked by her boyfriend and basically cast aside by society (it is a comedy so trust us… all this stuff comes off as pretty effective humor), Betty finally turns to the seemingly harmless Dr. Thulu for help, and then the fun really starts.

Going into Killer Rack, you’ve got to know what you’re getting into. It’s a very low-budget horror comedy that does give you a few special effects gags that enhance the film. We’re not talking about multi-million-dollar F/X, but they work and make the movie fun. What is truly enjoyable is how much writer Paul McGinnis and director Gregory Lamberson stick with the boob humor. The movie is loaded with it. And, although it does start to grow a little weary by the end, it’s pretty amusing for the majority of the 90-minute film.

There is some complete insanity in Killer Rack, stuff you watch and can’t help but laugh at. There are musical numbers, including one that features the aforementioned Lloyd Kaufman sporting a pair of big fake bazoombas and singing the surprisingly catchy song “All You Need Is a Pair of Funbags.” Also Detective Bartles (O’Hear) uttering the key line, “With great cup size comes great responsibility.” Ridiculous, but hilarious. Incidentally, yes, Detective Bartles’ partner is, of course, Detective James (Alexander S. McBride), and the duo have some humorous back-and-forth conversations.

Killer Rack is an entertaining horror comedy. Yes, you have to overlook a lot of the low-budget pitfalls that often haunt a film like this, but it’s indeed worth looking past the blemishes of the movie to enjoy the humor and great spirit of the flick. Killer Rack holds nothing back. There is no limit as to what this film will do to make you laugh. Fans of the lesser known 80’s film Blood Diner will undoubtedly find themselves in love with Killer Rack. It’s just fun.

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