Satan Hates You

Danger After Dark Announces New Releases and Distribution Deal

The good folks over at Danger After Dark have been busy, and the fruits of their labor can be seen in two big announcements just released today. Not only do they have two new titles they are making available to our eager, grubby hands, they have a new distribution deal in place to spread more carnage around.

Satan Hates You DVD Artwork

Hard to say for certain whether or not Satan Hates You will turn out to be anything more than a bunch of forced humor and a pile of stunt casting. I'll be honest, it certainly appears that way. But I'm curious to give it a whirl and, admittedly, today's look at the DVD cover art is pretty awesome.

Danger After Dark Relaunches with Satan Hates You

We haven't heard much out of the Danger After Dark label in the last couple of years, but they have come back with a vengeance. Seeking to re-launch the line the brought us Summer Scars and Suicide Club, TLA Releasing has acquired the US and UK distribution rights for the award-winning Satan Hates You.

Exclusive Satan Hates You Pic, More Online!

The makers of Satan Hates You have thrown us an exclusive behind-the-scenes pic from the film, and uploaded a lot more photographic evidence of the dark lord's feelings towards you for your ocular enjoyment.

Satan Director Preps World's Fair

Director James Felix McKenney is prepping the next film under his MonsterPants banner, a supernatural tale set in a traveling circus called World’s Fair. He just wrapped shooting on Satan Hates You, but just because he has untold months of post-production to worry about on that film, that’s no reason to stop working, right?

Satan Hates You Wraps!

Great news, Satan fans! James Felix McKenney just dropped us a line with the news that his fourth feature, Satan Hates You, is officially in the can! The film’s been in various stages of production for a long time now, so I’m sure the crew at MonsterPants Movies and Glass Eye Pix are breathing a sigh of relief today!

In Case You Didn't Know, Satan Hates You

It could be one of the best titles in movie history: Satan Hates You, a project that’s been in one stage of production or another for almost four years now. We’ve seen it around here and there, but not until reader “Aaron” dropped us a line telling us to check it out, did I make an effort to really look into it. Glad I did!