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American Horror Story: Coven - See a Preview of Episode 3.08: The Sacred Taking; Go Inside the Coven with The Undead Live

We have to wait two long weeks to see Ep. 3.08 of "American Horror Story: Coven," "The Sacred Taking," but here's a preview plus a peek "Inside the Coven" showing how to execute a perfect New Orleans zombie attack.

New Images and a Few Clues of What's Ahead in American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3.07 - The Dead

Exec producer Ryan Murphy has stated that pretty much everyone in "American Horror Story: Coven" is "going dark," and here are some photos from the upcoming Episode 3.07, "The Dead," along with a few more comments from Murphy to get you ready for next week.

Spend Some Time with The Dead in this Preview of American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3.07

Next week we reach the halfway point of "American Horror Story: Coven" with the ominously titled Episode 3.07, "The Dead." If by chance you're reading this and haven't been watching the show, you need to rectify that immediately. For the rest of you, here's a spookier than usual preview.

Get a Look at What's to Come on American Horror Story: Coven

We're just a few hours away from "American Horror Story: Coven" Episode 3.02, the Frankenstein-esque "Boy Parts," and FX has provided us with a look at "What's to Come." When the dust settles... who will be the baddest witch in town?

Check Out a Cauldron Full of New Images from American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3.02 - Boy Parts

Hungry for more "American Horror Story: Coven" goodies? Of course you are! If not, you'd better make sure the lovely ladies of the show don't find out! They pack one hell of a punch! Dig on these new images from Episode 3.02, "Boy Parts."

American Horror Story: Coven Enjoys Biggest Premiere of the Franchise!

Good news for the creators of "American Horror Story: Coven"! The show, which launched Wednesday night (10/9/13), scored the franchise’s biggest audience ever. The debut was seen by 5.5 million viewers, up 44 percent from last year’s "American Horror Story: Asylum."

Watch a Preview of American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3.02 - Boy Parts

After watching last night's premiere of "American Horror Story: Coven," all we can say is wow! And bring on next week's episode immediately! Here's a preview of what's ahead in Episode 3.02, "Boy Parts."

A Quartet of New American Horror Story: Coven Posters Arrive to Bewitch You

It seems like lately not a day will pass without some kind of "American Horror Story: Coven" goodness gracing our desks. Not that we're complaining mind you as the publicity machine behind the show has been pumping out some amazing stuff. Case in point...

New American Horror Story: Coven Promo Video and Motion Poster Slither In

Indiana Jones would have a hard time watching the following goodies that just checked in for "American Horror Story: Coven." Watch the latest video promo, and see the first official one-sheet slither to life!

American Horror Story: Coven - First Details on Patti LuPone's Character

It's not all witchy women who are taking center stage in "American Horror Story: Coven" as we've learned that Patti LuPone is one of the few cast members who won't be casting spells during the upcoming season.

First Official American Horror Story: Coven Artwork Rides the Snake

The first bit of artwork for "American Horror Story: Coven" has arrived, and it's sexy, disgusting, and seductive all at the same time. In other words... Holy cow, do we like it! Check it out now!

New American Horror Story: Coven Casting News - Funnyman Leslie Jordan Joins the Fold

Some quick casting news has come in for "American Horror Story: Coven," as THR is reporting that Leslie Jordan (Jason Goes to Hell) has joined the project for an undisclosed role. Oh, how mysterious!

At Last! Plot Details Surface for American Horror Story: Coven

Fox has finally released the plot details for "American Horror Story: Coven," and of course we have the skinny on it right here for you. Get ready, kids; this one looks as if it's gonna be casting quite a spell.

Stakes Aren't the Only Things Being Raised in This New Promo for American Horror Story: Coven

A fourth promo video has arrived for "American Horror Story: Coven," and of course it's as odd as the others we've already seen. This October the stakes aren't the only things being raised!

Third American Horror Story: Coven Promo Floats In

Just when we thought the promos for "American Horror Story: Coven" couldn't get any weirder, the third one, entitled "Staircase," has arrived with the tagline: Misbehave and incur our kind of suspension!