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Rue Morgue and Sushi Typhoon Team Up for Splatter Matters Benefit Tour

We love Japan, all the goodness and madness they have given us - we owe them a huge debt. From Gojira to insanely brutal warrior schoolgirls, there is a lot for us to love.

Rue Morgue Offers Readers Free Digital Anniversary Issue

As an avid iPhone and iPad user, as well as a devout reader of Rue Morgue magazine, I can tell you that the combination of these things is truly a sight to see! Now, you can see for yourself! From the Press Release

Rue Morgue Magazine Goes Digital

Rue Morgue is without a doubt one of horror fans' most valued resources, and now there's no need to wait for it to hit newsstands before reading its choice monthly stories as it has just become the first horror magazine to unleash an all new electronic version of its ongoing print magazine. From the Press Release:

Rue Morgue Magazine Turns 13

It's hard to believe that Canada's Rue Morgue Magazine has been around as long as it has! Their next issue marks their lucky thirteenth year of kicking ass and taking names and we have a look at what's in store for readers both old and new! Congrats, guys! Here's to another 13! From the Press Release RUE MORGUE Special Edition 13th Anniversary Halloween Issue

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #91

Issue #91 July 2009

Rondo Hatton Award Winners

The votes are in (2,933 of them in fact), and the winners of the 7th annual Rondo Hatton Awards have been announced. Apparently the big upset this year came in the Best Model, Toy, or Collectible category, where "The Birds Barbie" beat out her competition. No surprise to me; she's been kicking butts and taking names since she first got into town! I certainly ordered mine the first chance I had.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #87

Issue #87 March 2009

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #86

Issue# 86 January/February 2009

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #85

Issue #85 December 2008 As is my tradition, allow me to first point out how incredibly badass the art is for the latest issue of Rue Morgue. Another spectacular piece by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

Ghoulish Gary's First Art Show!

One of my favorite artists of all time and the creator of the Dread Central “giallo” logo, Rue Morgue’s lead inkslinger Gary Pullin, is finally having his very first art show this December in his home town of Toronto!

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #84

Issue #84 November 2008

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #83

Issue #83 October 2008 Seems like just the other day my former editor contacted me about this new horror magazine from Canada who really wanted to start getting U.S. exposure called Rue Morgue. I agreed to check it out, even interviewed the editor-in-chief at the time, Rodrigo Gudino, and thus began a love affair with one of the coolest horror magazines ever produced.

Rue Morgue Turns Eleven!

What better way to celebrate their 11th year making one of the most kickass horror mags out there than by getting the one and only Basil freakin’ Gogos to paint your cover? None, I tells ya, none! Now that is a sexy cover!

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #82

Issue #82 September 2008

Stop Motion Poe Hits DVD!

We just recieved some very good news for all you fans of stop-motion Poe adaptations!