Ron Jeremy

It's a Blood Moon Rising for Ron Jeremy

Yep, and we're not talking about Jeremy's chafed bare ass either! Producer/director Brian Skiba dropped us a line today with the official poster art and a nifty synopsis for his latest film, Blood Moon Rising starring Ron Jeremy and Laurie Love. Synopsis

One Eyed Monster (DVD)

Reviewed by Morgan Elektra Starring Ron Jeremy, Amber Benson, Veronica Hart, Jason Graham Directed by Adam Fields Distributed by Liberation Entertainment

Hilarious One Eyed Monster Poster Gallery

Poster art is truly an art form, and the people who are behind the upcoming horror/comedy One Eyed Monster are our kind of artists. Seriously ... you have to see these things! Be careful though, they are Not Safe For Work!

Exclusive Promo Clip: One Eyed Monster

If there's one thing we know for sure it's that whenever Ron Jeremy is around, a one-eyed monster cannot be far behind. Case in point: Adam Field's new film One Eyed Monster. We got our hands on an exclusive little promotional clip for ya, and it's quite the eyeful!

One-Eyed Monster Invades Home Theaters April 28

Adult film actors Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart have teamed up with mainstream actress Amber Benson to conjure up One-Eyed Monster, a comedy homage to classic horror films such as Alien and The Thing. The story is the cast and crew of an adult film become stranded in a blizzard, and things go horribly awry after Ron Jeremy's crotch becomes possessed by an aggressive alien entity.