Ron Bonk

She Kills Ron Bonk With a Supernatural STD-Infected Vagina

Many years ago my life was changed. Not by some tragedy or epiphany, but by a movie so wretched and boring it lives in infamy as what is no doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. That title is held by Ron Bonk's Strawberry Estates, and now... over a decade later THE BONK IS BACK!

Ron Bonk is Back with Ms. Cannibal Holocaust

I can already hear Uncle Creepy doing the dance of joy. His favorite filmmaker, Ron Bonk, has a new movie coming to DVD in April. From the maker of all-time classic Strawberry Estates comes Ms. Cannibal Holocaust, a terrifying tale of urban cannibalism and one woman’s violent revenge against these maneaters.

Strawberry Estates (DVD)

Let me start out first by saying that I LOVED The Blair Witch Project. As a matter of fact, I loved The St. Francisville Experiment (for all the wrong reasons mind you; it was cheese at its funniest). When I got this one into my creepy little paws, I was excited to say the least! Especially since: A- this movie(!) was filmed 2 years before Blair Witch and B- because the acting(!) was rumored to be quite good