Robert J. Massetti

It Waits for a Trailer No More!

Back in January we told you about the new film from director Robert J. Massetti, It Waits, and today we finally have a trailer for you cats. Was it worth the wait? Knowing Robert, it definitely will be so check it out!

Demons Are Patient in It Waits

Demons can display a variety of different traits, from being just foul-mouthed to absolutely violent, but they all share one thing in common... They will bide their time until it is just right and then BOOM! make their move. Take the new flick It Waits for example.

Exclusive: Trailer Debut and Interview with Robert J. Massetti for His New Short Film Creepy Crawly

Later this month, Florida filmmaker Robert J. Massetti's latest short film Creepy Crawly which he co-directed alongside Jason Daly and co-wrote with both Daly and Jason Marsiglia will be celebrating its world premiere at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando.

Some New Creepy Crawly Artwork

Some new artwork has taken up residence in our e-mail inbox so we figured we'd better let the damned Creepy Crawly thing out before stuff started getting out of hand. That being said, step back two feet from your monitor and check it out!

Something Creepy Crawly is Headed Your Way

When you call your film Creepy Crawly, you had better deliver on that namesake! Hopefully the filmmakers behind this latest flick from Fear Film Motion Picture Studios will be able to do just that. Read on for the first details.