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More Prometheus Chatter - About Those Aliens ...

Some more chatter has found its way online pertaining to Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, now titled Prometheus. Wondering just how the Xenomorphs will be introduced? Wonder no longer.

The Space Jockey Will Return to Alien Prequel Prometheus

With the Alien prequel, now titled Prometheus, looming on the horizon, everyone's wondering just how much of the Alien universe will be explored in the upcoming film. While the jury is still out, we do know one familiar face coming back ... the space jockey!

Scoot McNairy Circling Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

After bursting onto the genre scene in Gareth Edwards' highly acclaimed Monsters, actor Scoot McNairy has gotten Hollywood's attention, and as a result the man has some really exciting projects on the table.

Michael Fassbender Talks Alien Prequel Prometheus

What's this? Two Prometheus stories just minutes apart from each other? Yep, that's how this unusually busy Friday is going. In any event there's been a lot of talk concerning just how much of a prequel Prometheus will be to Alien. Thankfully star Michael Fassbender is here to wash away some of the scary doubt.

Charlize Theron Heads to Prometheus To Tango with Aliens

Add some more star power to the ever growing cast of Prometheus, Ridley Scott's upcoming prequel to the runaway hit Alien. Looks like everyone behind this one has been pleased in terms of casting. Now just start making this thing already!

More on (the Alien Prequel?) Prometheus

Okay. We officially have a headache. Is Prometheus an Alien prequel? Is it an entirely different beast altogether? Or is it both? There's certainly a lot of confusion surrounding the Ridley Scott film, and no one on the inside is talking. Although ...

Alien Prequel Prometheus Finds its Male Lead

Let's face it. Sharing the screen with an actor as talented as Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace is no easy task. She needs a co-star who's not only up to the challenge but has the acting chops to pull it off. Director Ridley Scott has found his choice for just such a co-star.

Make a New Date with (Alien Prequel) Prometheus

We're not entirely sure just how much of a prequel to Alien Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus will be, but being that H.R. Giger is still involved, there's hope!

Alien "Prequel" Gets a Title and a Leading Lady

Okay, now this is some news we can celebrate going into the weekend! Not only does the Ridley Scott "Alien prequel" have a title and a star (one we couldn't be more excited about), but we also have a better idea of how it fits into the Alien mythos.

Alien Prequel Lead Battle Heating Up: Rapace vs. Theron

More news coming in concerning Ridley Scott's proposed Alien prequels for Fox. There seems to be a bit of a disagreement going on as to who should fill the role of the female lead.

H.R. Giger On Board Alien Prequels

Here's some interesting news coming out of Ridley Scott's Alien prequel camp -- Turns out legendary artist and creature designer H.R. Giger is on board for Scott's upcoming prequel(s), and that's bound to make any fan of the series ecstatic.

Enough Alien Prequel News to Dizzy Your Senses: Not Delayed! Working Title Revealed! Actually a Remake?

So, with not even a single frame filmed, the hoopla concerning Ridley Scott's Alien prequel(s) for Fox seems to be jumping on the same type of merry-go-round that the fabled Ghostbusters 3 has been riding for a year. In short ... Everyone has their own set of answers, and all we can do is stare blankly, cross our fingers, and hope for the best.

Alien Prequels Stall Once Again

Once again Ridley Scott's Alien prequels have hit a snag and stalled before getting out of the gate. Talk about feeling like you're on a roller coaster, eh, fans?

Fox and Scott Circling Star for Alien Prequel(s)

Who in the world can fill the shoes left by Sigourney Weaver in the upcoming Alien prequels from Fox and director Ridley Scott? The list of names is long, but it looks as if the team behind the films are finally zeroing in on someone.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Could be Heading for Space in the Alien Prequel

With every passing bit of news that comes across our desk concerning Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, I find myself losing more and more interest.