Renee Elise Goldsberry

Another Sneak Peek of The Following Ep. 1.05 - The Siege

After getting to see the first four episodes of "The Following" early, finally next week we join the rest of you in watching the show as it airs so we're pretty excited for Episode 1.05, "The Siege." Here's a new clip in which Agent Parker sends Agent Weston and a newly-deputized Hardy to Albany to find the farmhouse.

Joey Phones Home in New Clip from The Following Episode 1.05 - The Siege

A second clip has arrived from next Monday's episode of "The Following" on Fox, entitled "The Siege," in which Claire receives a surprise phone call from her kidnapped son, Joey.

An Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.04 - Mad Love; Sneak Peek of Episode 1.05 - The Siege

Fox has posted an "Insider" look at last night's episode of "The Following," entitled "Mad Love," and we have it here along with a sneak peek of next week's Episode 1.05, "The Siege."