Red Lights

Red Lights (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen, Toby Jones, Joely Richardson, Robert De Niro Directed by Rodrigo Cortés

Go Behind the Scenes of Red Lights

Out today on Blu-ray and DVD is Rodrigo Cortes' latest thriller, Red Lights, and we have a quick video featurette on hand for you that takes you inside the making of the flick. Check it out, and look for a review soon!

New Red Lights Clip Has You Joining a Seance

If you're not in San Diego for Comic-Con or if you have no interest in the show (lord how we wish we were you), you should be aware that Rodrigo Cortes' latest thriller, Red Lights, hits theatres nationwide this Friday. How about a clip?

Exclusive Video Interview: Star Cillian Murphy and Writer/Director Rodrigo Cortes on Red Lights and More!

This Friday, Millennium Entertainment is releasing Buried helmer Rodrigo Cortes' latest thriller, Red Lights, in theaters nationwide. In anticipation of the film's release, Dread Central recently had the opportunity to chat briefly with Cortes and star Cillian Murphy.

Several Clips from Red Lights Begin Flashing

Thinking about spending some time with us to get your horror fix before heading out to the BBQ's for some food and fireworks? You're in luck as we have several new clips from Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights just waiting for you!

Get Blinded By New Red Lights Imagery

Alrighty, kids! Up next for you horror hounds are several new images from Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights that cast one hell of a glow. Check them out and look for more on this inquisitive little spookfest soon!

What Are Red Lights? Sigourney Weaver Explains in New Interactive Video

Who wouldn't want to get interactive with Sigourney Weaver? Now's your chance with the latest video in support of Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights. Keep your eyes peeled and your mouse ready! This is pretty cool!

Red Lights Trailer Starts Flickering

Though we've already seen several previously released trailers for Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights, the official U.S. theatrical trailer is finally here, and we have every pixel of it for your perusal. Dig it!

New Red Lights One-Sheets Have Lots of Character

The complete set of character one-sheets in promotion of Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights are here in all their orange-tinted glory. Marcus Nispel would be proud. Check 'em all out right now. No really, now.

International Trailer for Red Lights Speaks our Language

Our buddies over at Empire Online scored the very first look at the UK trailer for Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights, and we've imported it for you right here along with some bangers and mash. I've always wanted to say that.

Red Lights Are Flashing This Summer

Director Rodrigo Cortes, the man behind the excellent suspense flick Buried, is coming back to big screens this summer, and he's armed with a spectacular cast to boot. We've told you about Red Lights before, but now we've got a definitive release date to go along with the rest.

Exclusive Video Interviews: Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Kentis, and Laura Lau Talk Silent House and More

This Friday, March 9th, Open Road Films is set to release Chris Kentis and Laura Lau's Silent House (review here), the "one-take" thriller centered around a young woman named Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) who finds herself under attack while trapped inside her family's creaky old vacation home.

New Red Lights One-Sheets Flash Orange

Well, so much for being too literal. A set of character one-sheets in support of Buried director Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights (review here) has arrived, and let's just say they're quite shady.

Finally a Red Lights Trailer We Can All Understand

A few days ago we brought you the Spanish language trailer for Buried director Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights (review here), and that was cool for those of you who habla Espanol; however, the rest of us gringos were shit outta luck. That changes now.

Sundance 2012: Red Lights Q&A Transcript

Our verdict is in concerning Buried director Rodrigo Cortes' new flick Red Lights (review here) which made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and we have a transcript of the question and answer session which followed the screening ready and waiting for you right here.