DVD Release List: June 2, 2009: The Retardead Hunger to be Elsewhere

Once again, we have a week with not a lot going for it. Nature run amok is definitely the prevailing theme with mutant snakes and eels on the menu, but we also get a couple of special edition re-releases from the Monsturd crew.

Lionsgate Sets Razortooth Free in June

Goddamn it, we need more movies about giant killer eels! Eel's have long been neglected by cinema as the savage man-eating beasts that they are. Thankfully Lionsgate is releasing the nature-run-amok, Razortooth to set the record straight.

Razortooth (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Doug Swander, Kathleen LaGrue, Matt Holly, Simon Page, Kate Gersten Directed by Patricia Harrington Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment