Ralph Bakshi

A Quartet of Clips from Ralph Bakshi's Wizards

Today marks the release of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + Book of the studio’s first animated film, Wizards from Ralph Bakshi, and to celebrate, they've shared four very cool clips with us.

Ralph Bakshi's Wizards Casts a Spell on Blu-ray

Though a bit more on the fantasy than horror side, we'd be remiss not to at least let you know about Ralph Bakshi's animated classic Wizards coming home in grand fashion ...

Robert Rodriguez to Wield Fire and Ice

Word just broke that one of our favorite creature-laden sword and sorcery animated epics from the Eighties, Ralph Bakshi's Fire and Ice, is getting the big screen live action treatment from none other than Robert Rodriguez. Excited? We are!