Day in the Life of a Monster Video Arrives For RaiderZ

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed that RaiderZ is now in open beta and free-to-play on PC. Players will hunt deadly creatures and must team up with other players in this terrifying MMORPG in order to stay alive.

RaiderZ Now In Closed Beta Test Phase

RaiderZ is now in closed beta testing. The game lets players battle deadly monsters in the dramatic pace of traditional MMORPGs. Read on to learn more about joining the closed beta today!

RaiderZ Kicks Up The Action In New Goblin Gollem Boss Fight Video

If you was smart then you snagged up a closed beta key earlier in the week for RaiderZ. Perfect World has released a new action-packed video that will give you some insight into some of the intense boss fights in RaiderZ.

RaiderZ Contest: One More Chance To Win A Closed Beta Key For RaiderZ

Yesterday, we posted about the chance to win a closed beta key to Perfect World's new monster-hunting MMORPG RaiderZ. All of those closed beta keys are now gone but lucky you―we have 33 more Closed Beta Keys up for grabs for Dread Readers!

RaiderZ Giveaway: 17 Closed Beta Keys Up For Grabs!

Perfect World's new monster-hunting MMORPG RaiderZ has entered closed beta and we have 17 FREE Closed Beta Keys up for grabs for Dread Readers! Those who register for the RaiderZ closed beta will also be eligible for a chance to win a trip for two to this year’s PAX Prime!

RaiderZ Releases Creating the Ultimate Hero Video

Perfect World has just announced the development of a new monster-hunting MMORPG called RaiderZ for PC. Players can learn what horrors they have to face in creating and building horrific characters by watching the new developer diary―Creating the Ultimate Hero!