Quarantine 2

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win Tickets to the First UK Screening of Quarantine 2!

With Quarantine 2: Terminal gearing up for an August 15th UK DVD release, a horde of the undead are being invited to a special first screening of the flick in London – and we have five pairs of tickets to give away! Read on!

Official DVD Artwork: Quarantine 2: Terminal

We're getting closer and closer to Quarantine 2: Terminal (review here) making its home video debut, and to celebrate its arrival, we have the official artwork and everything else that you need to arm yourself against the infected!

Quarantine 2: Terminal and The Pack Get Home Video Release Dates

Mark your calendars, kids. Two flicks you've been waiting to get your hands on are finally on their way home, and we've got the scoop on when you'll be able to sink your claws into these digital goodies.

Exclusive: Bloody New Stills: Quarantine 2: Terminal

If you're one of the few lucky folks that can find Quarantine 2: Terminal (review here) playing theatrically near you right now - head to the theatre and enjoy! For the rest of you, we've nailed down several exclusive stills. Dig it!

Infected New Stills: Quarantine 2: Terminal

This Friday John Pogue's nifty little horror sequel Quarantine 2: Terminal (review here) will be hitting a limited amount of theatres theatrically and we have a couple of new stills to get you primed for the latest go around with the infected!

Quarantine 2 Theater Listing Rolls Out

Any fans out there chomping at the bit to catch Sony's upcoming direct-to-video sequel, Quarantine 2: Terminal during its small theatrical window? Anyone? There has to be someone out there looking for a second dose of bio-zombie mayhem, so come on in and figure out how far you've got to drive to catch it.

The Review is In: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Just in time for its limited theatrical release this weekend, we've gotten a chance to dig on Quarantine 2: Terminal and bring you some surprising results. Read on for the verdict! Quarantine 2: Terminal stars Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, and Bre Blair. Look for it to hit home video later this year sporting some extra gooey effects work from Rob Hall!

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

Starring Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, Bre Blair, Mattie Liptak Directed by John Pogue

One-Sheet Debut and Free L.A. Premiere Info: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Finally some official artwork has come our way for Quarantine 2: Terminal, which makes its theatrical debut next week, and we have it for you here along with news on how you can take in a screening for free should you be in the Los Angeles area.

Quarantine 2: Terminal Gets Limited Theatrical Run

In a surprise move it turns out that Quarantine 2: Terminal will be headed to the big screen before making its way home to Blu-ray and DVD sometime thereafter. When, you ask? Look for the flick in theatres on June 17th. Short notice? Yes. Still something is better than nothing, right?

Quarantine 2: Terminal - Finally a Good Look at the Trailer

Off center blurriness no more! Get ready to dig in for a good look at the upcoming Quarantine sequel, John Pogue's Quarantine 2: Terminal! Read on for the goods. Quarantine 2: Terminal stars Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, and Bre Blair. Look for it to hit home video later this year sporting some extra gooey effects work from Rob Hall! Synopsis

Quarantine 2: Terminal Trailer Sneaks Online

One enterprising user over on YouTube just uploaded the trailer for John Pogue's Quarantine 2: Terminal via the magic of voodoo and bootlegging. We're guessing this won't be up for very long so dig it while you can.

Set Visit Preview: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Upon arriving on set in Griffin, Georgia, one of the very first lessons learned from producer Marc Bienstock is that there are two things you don’t say on the set of Quarantine 2: Terminal -- zombies and night vision.

Quarantine 2: Terminal More than Just a Remake of [REC] 2

Quarantine was a fairly faithful Americanized adaptation of the Spanish horror hit [REC], aside from the drawn out intro at the firehouse and the decision to replace the supernatural element with super rabies. While [REC 2] is currently scaring audiences, the makers of Quarantine 2: Terminal have come up with their own ideas rather than just a sequel to a remake that would also be a remake of a sequel.

First Quarantine 2 Casting News

With [REC] 2 busy kicking the asses of everyone who has watched it, things have been really quiet on the Quarantine 2 front ... until now that is! That's right, kids! The first bit of casting news has come in. Ready to find out who's down with the sickness?