Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

Puppet Master X Joins Fellow Full Moon Feature Killjoy Goes to Hell at Redbox

On Tuesday, October 23, the tenth entry in the long-running Puppet Master franchise will drop on Redbox from Full Moon Features along with the latest Killjoy flick, Killjoy Goes to Hell! But wait! There's more! Amid all this fun, Full Moon is also launching their big Halloween sale.

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012)

Starring Kip Canyon, Oto Brezina, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Stephanie Sanditz Directed by Charles Band

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Poster Premiere

Even though the last Puppet Master movie wasn't exactly what you would call stellar, the fine fiends at Full Moon are going to the well again with Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. Check out the rather kick-ass poster right here!

Final Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Puppet Revealed! Meet WereMacht!

Charles Band has been rolling out the reveals of the four new fascist puppet terrors to make their debut in the upcoming Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. The fourth and final new addition is named WereMacht, and I hope for Band’s sake Rob Zombie doesn’t come looking for a royalty check.

Full Moon Reveals The Dead Want Women Artwork and the Newest Addition to the Puppet Master Family

Full Moon Entertainment continues to prep for Puppet Master X: Axis Rising by revealing yet another new scarionette, but first Charles Band will bring us something not starring killer puppets or other assorted puppet-sized terrors: an audacious zombie flick starring Eric Roberts.

Newest Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Terror Toy is a Real Bombshell

Though details regarding the plot to Full Moon’s latest Puppet Master sequel remain sketchy, Charles Band is slowly unveiling some of the newest homicidal marionettes set to rampage in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. The newest addition to the Puppet Master family has just been unveiled, and she’s a real bombshell.

Full Moon Unveils Puppet Master X's Newest Scarionette - Blitzkrieg

It was just a month ago that Charles Band introduced plans for a tenth Puppet Master movie to be called Puppet Master Forever. That title has since transformed into Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, and today we’re getting our first glimpse at the newest member of the Puppet Master family: Blitzkrieg.