Priest of Evil

Manborg and Priest of Evil Firing Their Way to Home Video

Too weird little flicks, Manborg and Priest of Evil, are on their way to DVD, and we've got the skinny on each of their releases served up hot and fresh right here. Oh, and a special shout-out to the glory of Manborg's cover art!

AFM 2010: New Trailer, Art, and Stills - Priest of Evil

One flick that has the proverbial halls buzzing at AFM is Olli Saarel's uber-creepy looking Priest of Evil. We've got the goods on it for you including the plot crunch, a new trailer, and artwork! Dig it! Look for more on this one we're sure very soon! Synopsis

Trailer Debut - Get Your First Look at the Priest of Evil

Well, the devil certainly made a splash at the box office last weekend, though in the end big red was slightly edged out of the number one spot, but religious horror is now white hot again, and this latest flick turns the subgenre on its ear a bit by making a trusted savior into a menace! Check out the artwork, the plot crunch and the trailer for Olli Saarela's serial killer thriller Priest of Evil, or Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi as it's known in its native tongue below. Synopsis