The Stunning Parallels Between The Walking Dead and Toy Story! MUST SEE!

Some things just have to be seen to be believed, and "The Walking Dead" and Toy Story superfan John Wray has delivered something that may have you questioning your sanity. Get ready to behold the undeniable truth that these two franchises are strangely related.

Pixar Readying Toy Story of Terror for Halloween 2013

Do you have any kids you want to introduce to horror? Or maybe you're just a big kid at heart? Then you'll want to mark your calendars for Halloween of 2013 as that's when Pixar Animation Studios and Disney will be releasing the "Toy Story of Terror" TV special, which will take you on a trip to infinity... from the beyond!

Pixar to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

With animated horror flicks doing pretty well lately, it was only a matter of time before Pixar threw its sombrero into the ring, and now that they have, it's time to celebrate by painting skulls! YAY!