Pin-up Dolls on Ice

Chilling New Images and Poster for Pinup Dolls on Ice

With principal photography having recently wrapped on Pinup Dolls on Ice, Geoff Klein's follow-up to the underwhelming Bikini Girls on Ice (review here), the director kindly got in touch with a selection of stills and a brand new poster for the sequel which prove that, if anything, the man is determined to make up for the first film’s shortcomings and more!

Had Your Fix of Dead Bikini Girls? How About Some Pin-up Dolls on Ice Instead?

If you just can’t get enough of that ol’ slasher staple – hot chicks meeting their gruesome ends – then you’ll be glad to know that Geoff Klein, director of Bikini Girls on Ice recently got in touch with some news regarding the film’s distribution and sequel! Read on for the scoop...