Pierre Ayotte

Two More Unique Creations From the Mind of Pierre Ayotte

Okay, you saw the one-of-a-kind film The Massacrator from Pierre Ayotte earlier this week and survived that dose of insanity quite well so we've got two more creations from Ayotte that are sure to raise an eyebrow or two. We bring you Satan, Jesus and Elvis and Date With a Chicken.

See Elvis Versus a Futuristic Cyborg in Pierre Ayotte's Massacrator

There's not much we can say that will prepare you for the short film attached to this article. Director Pierre Ayotte brings us Massacrator, something of a Terminator parody that simply must be seen to be believed. We'll let the film speak for itself.

Trailer for Slamdance 2010 Short Massacrator

As part of Slamdance 2010, 64 short films were chosen from around the world and of all genres to debut in Park City during the fest. Today we heard from the director of one of them, Pierre Ayotte, who pointed us in the direction of the trailer for his submission, "Massacrator".