Phoenix Dust

Director William Malone Talks Next Project -- Phoenix Dust

Recently we caught up with William Malone at the LA Screamfest to get the early word on his next project. Best known for directing The House on Haunted Hill, Parasomnia, and "The Fair-Haired Child" episode of Masters of Horror, we're looking forward to what Bill has cooking next. Which is ...

Malone Talks Sci-Fi Epic Phoenix Dust

Those underground cave dwellers over at Quiet Earth got the chance to chat up Bill Malone at the world premiere of his long-awaited Parasomnia and got the lowdown on the man’s next project, a sci-fi epic called Phoenix Dust.

Malone, Bill (Parasomnia)

What if sleeping gave you anything but rest? Can you imagine suffering from a disease that eats away your precious time here on our planet? Well, director Bill Malone certainly can, and wi