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Supernatural Thriller Curse of the Dragon Slayer Offers Up New Stills and Trailer

We've all got plenty of love for the Lord of the Rings saga and are thrilled for the new Hobbit film. And "Game of Thrones" will be back before you know it. Until then, dig the stills and trailer for Curse of the Dragon Slayer.

Get Down and Dirty with a Pair of Clips from The Dirties

Heading to theaters and On Demand on October 4th is Matt Johnson's The Dirties (review) from Phase 4 Films and Kevin Smith Movie Club. Check out a pair of clips right here!

Phase 4 Turns to the Philosophers

In more quick news coming out of the Cannes Film Market, Phase 4 has acquired all rights in the US and Canada to John Huddles’ Philosophers, a sci-fi thriller starring James Darcy (In Their Skin).

Phase 4 Films Brings Panic Button and Dollhouse to VOD

Alrighty, kids, looking for some new horror flicks but don't feel like leaving your house? Yeah, we kind of don't blame you. The outside world can suck at times. Good thing for you Phase 4 Films has announced they're bringing Panic Button and Dollhouse to VOD on April 1st, 2013.

Fantasia 2012: Magnolia Serves Up Distribution with a Side of Sushi Girl

One little film that's gotten lots of love at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival is the truly bizarre Sushi Girl (review). News has come out of the festival that the flick has secured itself some much needed distro. Read on for details.

New A Little Bit Zombie Clip Offers a Quick Bite

There's an age old living dead related question... will zombies eat all living things or just humans? Well, in terms of the new horror comedy on its way from up North, A Little Bit Zombie, that question is totally answered. Dig in!

Phase 4 Likes Things A Little Bit Zombie

Those of you looking forward to seeing Stephen McHattie play a zombie hunter have a really good reason to be happy right now! The Canadian horror comedy A Little Bit Zombie has finally found a home Stateside. Read on for details.

Exclusive Video, Photos, and News: CM Downs and Ashlynn Yennie Discuss American Maniacs

With American Maniacs hitting VOD on Netflix, YouTube, iTunes and more on April 24 via Phase 4 Films, star Ashlynn Yennie and filmmaker CM Downs chatted with us regarding the gritty independent film and provided some new photos as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Chance to Attend Dread Central's Screening of Absentia for Free

This Friday, February 10th, marks the first collaboration between Dread Central and Constellation.tv. We will be holding an online screening of Mike Flanagan's brilliant Absentia with yours truly handling hosting duties. Now the good people at Constellation want you to attend...for free!

REMINDER: Dread Central Hosting Online Absentia Screening on Constellation TONIGHT!

So maybe you've heard a lot about online movie screenings but haven't checked one out yet. Here's your big chance. On Friday, February 10th, Constellation.tv will be holding an online screening of Mike Flanagan's awesome film Absentia, and it will be hosted by... me!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Chance to Watch Absentia Online for Free!

Last week we told you about a pretty cool upcoming event where you can watch Mike Flanagan's Absentia (review here) on Constellation.tv with Flanagan hosting it live via webcam. Now we have your chance to see it for free!

Watch Absentia Online with Director Mike Flanagan Hosting

We've made no bones about the fact that Mike Flanagan's Absentia (review here) was among our favorite films of last year. If you haven't had a chance to check it out for yourself yet, then mark your calendar for February 2nd as Flanagan will be hosting an online screening and Q&A of the film that evening.

Phase 4 Films Unleashes a Darker Reality this January

Another flick featuring strangers who awaken to find themselves imprisoned by a madman is on its way from Phase 4 Films. Interesting premise, right? Lord knows we've never seen anything like that before.

Exclusive Clip: Phase 4 Films' The Open Door

Hitting DVD this Tuesday from Phase 4 Films is the new indie terror flick The Open Door, and to give you a preview of the horrors to come, we've nailed down an exclusive clip for you. Dig it!