Pearry Teo

Compound B Spills Strange Blood

We first told you about Chad Michael Ward's upcoming indie flick Strange Blood back in May, and today we've got more info for you to feast your eyeballs on! Read on for the latest!

Suck on These New Stills From Dracula: The Dark Prince

Saddle up, folks! It's time to ride off to Transylvania to dig on the latest bits of eye candy from the next vampyric offering, Lionsgate's Dracula: The Dark Prince. Bite down and chew slowly.

Dracula: The Dark Prince Puts the Bite on DVD

Somewhere along the way we officially lost count of all the various Dracula and Frankenstein projects that are headed our way. We'll straighten it all out eventually, but for now here's the skinny on the latest Drac DVD from Lionsgate, Dracula: The Dark Prince.

The Evil Inside Ready to Ooze Out onto DVD and VOD

Why do people even have sleepovers? Unless it's the backdrop for a porno, these things just never work out okay. No good can come from them. At least this time the plot device is being used for a horror movie, thus opening the door for all sorts of spooky shenanigans!

There is Some Strange Blood Brewing

Time for a fix of indie goodness as word of a new film from director Chad Michael Ward has come our way, and it looks to be ready to let the Strange Blood spew. That's what happens when you're infected with parasites you know. Dig it!

A Trailer and One-Sheet to Make You Feel Dead Inside

If you missed director Pearry Teo's insane little flick, Necromentia then brothers and sisters you need to go and pick it up like yesterday. Just don't blame us if you don't have the stomach for it.