“Sick & Twisted” 6-Film Block at SHOCKFEST Las Vegas + Exclusive Discount for Dread Readers

This year, Shockfest brings a nonstop interactive paranormal experience in a real haunted hotel for two nights and three days from November 22nd thru 24th.  This being the Halloween season, Shockfest has a variety of exciting announcements which will be made throughout the autumn months, starting with the official release of the “Sick and Twisted Six”, consisting of the first six filmmakers to be selected for Shockfest Vegas at the Hotel Paranormal.


Number 1: Clive Barker

The legendary horror writer, director, and author Clive Barker will be making his first festival appearance in 9 years at Shockfest Vegas as our first official guest at the Hotel Paranormal, and he is bringing with him a few surprises in his lament configuration.  Shockfest Vegas is proud to announce that they will be holding a surprise screening of one of his many incredible films, all of which have influenced the genre in their own terrifying and fantastical way.  Stephen King was once quoted as saying that he has “seen the future of Horror and it is Clive Barker” and he was right…Join us in celebrating the master of horror himself, who will be in attendance at this year’s exciting event.  

Number 2: Pearry Teo

Our second member of the Sick and Twisted Six is horror writer and Director Pearry Teo with his US premiere of his terrifying film about the possession of a young boy and the redemption of a failed exorcist, The Assent.  This film brings the paranormal sub-genre to a whole new level to with a suspenseful plot and a wonderful cast of characters consisting of Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim, Warcraft, Captain Marvel), Peter Jason (Deadwood, Prince of Darkness, They Live, Escape from LA), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist) and Florence Faivre (Syfy’s The Expanse, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D).  A fitting addition to not only the Sick and Twisted Six, but to the lineup of films to be presented at The Hotel Paranormal.

Number 3: Santiago Menghini

Santiago shows his mastering of the horror genre with the chilling and tension driven short film, Milk.  The movie builds tension in just the right way any horror fan has to appreciate, with a legitimately frightening encounter with an intimidating horror figure, a bizarre twist, incredible practical and special effects and an understanding of what makes a film truly frightening.  Shockfest is proud to include Santiago as the 3rd member of the Sick and Twisted Six and to present his tidbit of terror, Milk, which is currently being adapted and developed by New Line Cinema into a feature film.

Number 4: Garo Setian

Shockfest’s 4th member of the Sick and Twisted Six brings a unique tale to the Hotel Paranormal with his feature length Directing debut, Automation.  This movie does what Sci-fi is meant to do; question our place in the world and our morality amongst our fellow men through the eyes of otherworldly beings, in this case, a worker automaton named Auto, who is soon to be replaced at his position on the night shift at Alert Insulation, alongside the majority of his human co-workers,by the next updated model of worker robots.  Struggling with his obsolete status, Auto takes his fate into his own hands through any dark and murderous means necessary. 

Number 5: Chris Roe

Chris Roe’s film, Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters is a spot on throwback to the horror and suspense films of yesteryear, shot on location in Hollywood in black and white and utilizing cinematic techniques perfected by the greats, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Val Lewton, Terence Fisher and William Castle (to name a few).  This film has shades of The Haunting, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? and House on Haunted Hill mixed with the suspense and storytelling of a classic style, utilized by such classic anthology based shows as The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery.  To top it off, it captures a stunning performance by femme fatale Traci Lords (Tales from the Crypt, Blade, Underworld).  Chris is a welcome inclusion to the Sick and Twisted Six and his short is sure to be a hit at the Hotel Paranormal.

Number 6: Joe Lujan

Shockfest’s 6th member of the Sick and Twisted Six, Joe Lujan, presents his unique entry to the Hotel Paranormal with the official world premier of the trailer to his upcoming film, Rust 3.  The first installment of Rust hit the big screen in 2015 and is a horrifying love letter to the slasher subgenre of the 80s and 90s, with a terrifying boogyman that hunts his victims at an abandoned horror attraction.  It is with great pleasure that Shockfest Vegas will host the official reveal of the next installment to Lujan’s frightful film franchise.

The Decade long Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood, California will be invading Las Vegas for their 11th year anniversary to commemorate the horror genre at the biggest party of the year with their iconic red carpet, film screenings, parties, panels, Q and As and a variety of surprises around every corner at the HOTEL PARANORMAL. For those of you who dare to attend this fright-filled weekend, Dread Central has a unique discount code that will last all the way until October 31st.  to experience the terror and mystery of the Hotel Paranormal yourself, visit www.shockfilmfest.com and use the code: DREAD at checkout for %20 off general admission tickets.