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Cast Announced for Piranha 3DD; Production Officially Starts

Consider the waters officially chummed! We told you a week ago that Piranha 3DD would be started today and lo and behold the official word has come along with the first casting news! Dig in! From the Press Release

Exclusive: Director John Gulager Talks Piranha 3DD in Real 3D and More!

“I can’t tell you anything. We should talk on Good Friday. I think it would be better if we talked on Good Friday,” Piranha 3DD director John Gulager teased us tonight on the phone as we chatted with him regarding the status of the flick, which is set to go before cameras this Monday, April 25.

Piranha 3DD Casting Notes Hit the Net

And the Piranha 3DD details keep on coming as casting notes for the upcoming film have appeared online. Warning, though, before you read - there are some minor spoilers to contend with.

Get Bitten on the Ass by First Piranha 3DD Details

And the blood has starting forming in the news waters for the upcoming John Gulager directed sequel Piranha 3DD. Some plot details have officially begun to chum the interwebs, and we have them for you right here.

Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton, and Stephen Romano to Bring Us Black Light for Mulholland Books

It's always nice to see good people work together to create something great. As far as the horror genre goes, it's also cool to see people who are absolutely bat-shit psychotic work together to bring us something deliciously dark. Case in point ... an update on Black Light, an upcoming novel from Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan, and Stephen Romano we first told you about last month.

Exclusive: The Collection Wraps; Co-Writer Patrick Melton Speaks

“As of Friday, February 25th, principal photography wrapped on The Collection,” co-writer (with director Marcus Dunstan) Patrick Melton told Dread exclusively today of their sequel to Liddell Entertainment’s 2009 horror flick The Collector.

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan Writing Their First Novel - Black Light

We know that a lot of our readers are big fans of horror novels so we're always on the lookout for cool sounding projects to share.

Exclusive: The Collection Goes Before Cameras; Co-writer Patrick Melton Speaks

With director Marcus Dunstan’s The Collection currently shooting in Georgia, we caught up this morning with Patrick Melton, the man who along with Dunstan co-scripted the upcoming sequel to their 2009 flick The Collector as well as several other notable horror films (the Feast franchise and Saw IV-VII as well as the currently in pre-production Piranha 3DD).

Saw 3D TV Spot Too Sharp for UK Ten-Year-Old

What is this world coming to? So get this ... a TV spot for Saw 3D has been banned in the UK because a ten-year-old kid complained to his parents that it was "distressing". That's right, distressing! The news comes straight from the BBC:

Ving Rhames to Swim With the Fishes Again in Piranha 3DD?

One film which absolutely delighted us this year with its brash trashiness was Piranha 3D. If you saw it, then you know exactly what we're talking about. One of the film's promotional highlights was an interview with the always entertaining Ving Rhames, and as the sequel, Piranha 3DD, approaches things aren't so crystal clear as to his character's fate. Could he return?

Make a Date with Piranha 3DD

September, 2011 is going to be one hell of a fishy month for horror fans! Relativity's still-to-be-renamed Shark Night 3D will be swimming through theatres, and just two weeks later on September 16, 2011, Dimension's toothy sequel Piranha 3DD will be taking a bite out of the box office.

Exclusive: Patrick Melton talks Piranha 3DD, The Collection, The Outer Limits and More!

This writer caught up with screenwriter Patrick Melton (the man behind such frightful fare, along with cohort Marcus Dunstan, as the Feast series, Saw IV through 3D and The Collector) last Thursday night to pick his brain on his current projects--namely, his involvement with Piranha 3DD, The Collection (the latter the sequel to 2009's The Collector) and hi

Gary Tunnicliffe Teases Fans with The Collection Art

Ok, so it's just a quick Photoshop job, but since you guys have to be kept up on all things horror and it's been really slow lately, we might as well cover what is out there - including the small things! Over on Gary Tunnicliffe's Facebook page the F/X maestro has uploaded a quick bit of teaser art for The Collector 2, also known as The Collection. Dig on it below.

Piranha 3DD Shooting in 3D with LOTS of Boobs and Blood

Ever since Piranha 3DD (Double D! Get it?) was announced weeks ago we've all been sweaty with anticipation as to what to expect from the sequel penned by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan and directed by John Gulager. This is a trio of madmen, folks, so come next August we can assure you all manner of lunacy shall be wrought in theatres.