Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity 2 - Horror Comes Calling ... LISTEN NOW!

So here we are at approximately 10:53 pm PST in the Dread Central offices when suddenly the phone rings. It's a local number. Coronado, California to be exact. We answer, and who's on the other end of the phone line? A very worried Katie Featherston trying desperately to reach her sister, Kristy. Time to listen in on some more Paranormal Activity 2 viral goodness!

Clip Debut: Paranormal Activity 2 - Where's Micah?

A semi-revealing clip from Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2 just hit online seconds ago and it features a very familiar face, the damned baby, and an interesting question!

CONTEST CLOSED! Dread Central Presents Paranormal Activity 2 This Wednesday at Midnight in San Diego

Paranormal Activity turned into a worldwide phenomenon last year when the little ghost story set in San Diego terrified audiences here and abroad. Now to thank both the city and its fans Dread Central will be hosting the demanded midnight screening of the flick this Wednesday!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Passes! In Los Angeles? Make Sure You're at the Biggest Midnight Screening of Paranormal Activity 2 EVER!

It's official! The top twenty cities who demanded Paranormal Activity 2 will be getting their special free screenings this Wednesday night at midnight! However, if you're going to be in LA, Paramount has some pretty insane plans for you fans!

Paranormal Activity 2 - Buy Tix Now for Free Download of the Original Film on iTunes!

Excited about Paranormal Activity 2? Have you gotten your tickets yet? Well if you act now you can get not only your tickets for this weeks event, but one hell of a scary bonus! From the Press Release

Paranormal Activity 2 to Provide Giant Sized Scares in IMAX Theatres

Great news for those fans out there who like their horror larger than life! Word broke today that the highly anticipated sequel to last year's phenomenon Paranormal Activity will be scary the shit out of people on a grand scale!

More Badass Paranormal Activity 2 Viral Insanity - Confidential Incident Evaluation

Around Dread Central it's no secret ... we LOVE Paranormal Activity. So much so that we shouted about it from the rooftops before the rest of the world caught on. Though the verdict is still out on its sequel, another thing we love is the movie's viral campaign which is involving its fanbase on a whole new level. Are you ready to be the first to see another piece of the puzzle?

Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer - Hidden Doorways to Terror!

For the past few weeks now we've been keeping a close eye on the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 over on the official Paranormal Activity 2 website. Why? Because the trailer is rife with its own type of activity!

International Trailer Debut - Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

The official Japanese trailer for the first international Paranormal Activity sequel, dubbed Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, is here, and it proves that screaming is the same in any language! Japanese distributor Presidio Corporation is expanding into production with Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, a local language sequel to the global box office smash.

UPDATED: Another Paranormal Activity 2 Fan Clip Surfaces! All TEN Viral Clips

Paramount is certainly taking no prisoners today when it comes to promoting their upcoming sequel Paranormal Activity 2. First a new "Fan Trailer" debuts along with the seventh viral clip. Then the trailer on the main Paranormal Activity 2 website shows up with different footage.

More Paranormal Activity Viral Spookiness in New Trailer on Site

And the madness continues! Just a few hours after releasing their "Fan Trailer", another new trailer has shown up on the official Paranormal Activity 2 website!

Wicked New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer and Seventh Viral Clip

A seventh viral clip from Paranormal Activity 2 has finally hit the Net along with a second, and dare we say it, pretty damned spooky trailer dubbed by Paramount as "The Fan Trailer". Take a look!

More Paranormal Activity 2 Viral Goodness

Hats off to Paramount. Their viral campaign thus far has been nothing short of genius. For those lagging behind, a quick recap. Last week several websites, including us, were sent envelopes that contained flash drives. On each flash drive there was a snippet of a clip involving that damned baby.

More Paranormal Activity 2 Viral Videos Are Here. Pattern Emerges. All Part of One Sequence of Events?

More viral clips from Paranormal Activity 2 are here, and with them we noticed something. If you put all of these short viral videos in a certain order, it seems as if they're all different parts of one particular scene. Have a look for yourself.

Fourth Paranormal Activity 2 Viral Clip Uncovered

Another spooky sliver of strange has found its way online, as yet another website was the recipient of a strange viral clip in support of October's release of Paranormal Activity 2.