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I Am Legend Prequel and Sequel Ideas Revealed; Movie Not Happening

Talk has been circulating about a sequel to the I Am Legend Will Smith film for a while now, and website i09 caught up with writer/producer Akiva Goldsman, who shared many of the failed ideas floating about, while also confirming that a sequel or prequel will never happen.

Will Smith into I Am Legend 2... If it's Great

We brought you the news a while back that Warner Brothers was moving ahead with another I Am Legend flick, but beyond that there weren't many details available. Recently the star of the first film, Will Smith, spoke to the BBC regarding if he'll be back for more.

Warner Bros. Moving Forward with Another Installment of I Am Legend

It was back in mid-2011 when we last spoke about another installment of I Am Legend, and at that time director Francis Lawrence was pretty certain a prequel wasn't happening. It seems he was right, but that doesn't mean Warner Bros. has given up completely on the title.