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Gris Grimly's Mad Creator ProductionsIt’s been a while since we got an update on what our favorite Mad Creator, aka Gris Grimly, has been up to lately. But upon receiving his latest email newsletter, we can see he’s certainly not been resting on his laurels!

On the contrary, Gris can now add music video director to his multi-faceted resume as he recently directed a music video for the Texas-based band Ghoultown. In Gris’ own words, “The song, ‘Mistress of the Dark’, is about none other than the Queen of Halloween, Elvira. And Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) starred in the video along with the six members of Ghoultown and David Backhaus (Stash from [Grisly’s short film] ‘Cannibal Flesh Riot’). The video was shot mostly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and due to budgetary constraints my garage was turned into a honky-tonk variety show stage. We were also granted permission to use Elvira’s 1958 Ford Thunderbird. In addition to the music video, we filmed three live performances on the variety show set as well as a cryptload of jokes in a fake cornfield. If you have ever seen the ‘Hee Haw’ show, we will be cutting together a little mock variety show as a special feature to be included on the ‘Mistress of the Dark’ ultra-single CD/DVD. Look for it in 2009. The music video should be completed and released this October.” Check out a few pictures from the shoot below.

Ghoultown's Mistress of the Dark  Ghoultown's Mistress of the Dark

In a more serious vein, Grimly also passed on some news about the West Memphis Three, a cause he enthusiastically supports. The folks behind the WM3 organization have launched a “Photo Wall” on their website where people can upload photos of themselves to let the world know they support these three unjustly accused young men. Each photo costs only $6 to upload, and 100% of proceeds go directly to WM3 Defense Fund. And don’t forget about Grimly’s own line of “Broken Justice” t-shirts, which he designed to help raise funds for the WM3. Some sizes have sold out already, but he’ll be printing more soon. Visit the official Mad Creator Productions site to place an order, and while you’re there, be one of the first to join their Street Fiends street team!

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