Corey Vs. Corey for Lost Boys 3?

Corey Feldman to fight Haim?Now that “>Lost Boys: The Tribe (review) is out on DVD, the world can finally get a chance to see just how bad it is. Only problem; it seems people are saying they don’t think it’s that bad and that Corey Feldman actually does a good job in it. Are you kidding me? So of course talk of Lost Boys 3 has to start up already.

Those Aussie bastards at Moviehole got word that, as of now, Lost Boys 3 will be an all-out Corey reunion and will feature the return of the other Frog Brother, played by Jamison Newlander, as well. If Feldman and Haim do come back for an entire movie, it’d be a bit strange because, if memory serves, Haim’s personal issues were the main reason he was relegated to a walk-on role at the very end of The Tribe.

As with all sequels which we deem a bad idea, that declaration alone won’t stop this one from moving forward. What might is if you guys don’t go out and buy Lost Boys: The Tribe on DVD so perhaps Warner Bros. will realize it wasn’t a great idea to bring this franchise back from the dead, but I know how we horror fans are. We just can’t resist … So expect more Lost Boys 3 news soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Destroyerofworlds590

    I have to agree that it looks pretty crappy.

  • Sirand

    Can we pay someone NOT to make a Lost Boys 3?

    • Tha Dark Angel

      Fuck you bitch! go eat a bowl of dicks and choke on it…

      • frank_dracman

        OK, so you liked the movie. Fine. Alot of us didn’t, and would not be interested in another. I’m not going to tell you to fuck off and eat cock, and we expect the same courtesy from you.

        • Tha Dark Angel

          no the movie sucked but that doesn’t mean that a Lost Boys 3 would end up being tha same..

        • Tha Dark Angel

          It all depends on who they get to make the movie. You can’t blame the actors for the crappy job the director did in making it. If they would get a big name film director to produce the movie right it may come out a lot better then we all have expected it to be.

  • Tha Dark Angel

    If you guyz make a Lost Boys 3 movie I will shyt bricks cause I love lost boys. The Tribe was good to a point just cause it has shyt related to the first movie but the actors were shitty except Corey & Corey. If there’s going to be a Corey vs. Corey I will go tell every one of my friends and anyone I see on the street to go see that movie so it can make big bucks. The Corey’s Rock no matter if they don’t like each other or not, “who’s gives a flying fuck” I would paid top money to see them in a sequel. You guyz fuckin Rock!!

    P.S. did anyone happen to see the saxophone guy from the first Lost Boys at the start of Lost Boys: The Tribe. Goddamn he got fat as hell!!!

  • MagusMaleficus

    You don’t have to worry about me buying that shitfest on DVD. Hell, I’m not even gonna rent it.

    • Tha Dark Angel

      yeah that one was bad but atleast they didn’t get some other actor to play “Edgar & Sam” in it. That would been fucked up….