Corey Vs. Corey for Lost Boys 3?

Corey Feldman to fight Haim?Now that “>Lost Boys: The Tribe (review) is out on DVD, the world can finally get a chance to see just how bad it is. Only problem; it seems people are saying they don’t think it’s that bad and that Corey Feldman actually does a good job in it. Are you kidding me? So of course talk of Lost Boys 3 has to start up already.

Those Aussie bastards at Moviehole got word that, as of now, Lost Boys 3 will be an all-out Corey reunion and will feature the return of the other Frog Brother, played by Jamison Newlander, as well. If Feldman and Haim do come back for an entire movie, it’d be a bit strange because, if memory serves, Haim’s personal issues were the main reason he was relegated to a walk-on role at the very end of The Tribe.

As with all sequels which we deem a bad idea, that declaration alone won’t stop this one from moving forward. What might is if you guys don’t go out and buy Lost Boys: The Tribe on DVD so perhaps Warner Bros. will realize it wasn’t a great idea to bring this franchise back from the dead, but I know how we horror fans are. We just can’t resist … So expect more Lost Boys 3 news soon!

Johnny Butane

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