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Host Remake Already?



The Host already on the remake blockNow this is just flat-out disturbing. Bong Joon-ho just finished work on The Host after well over two years of hard work getting the look of the monster just right and balancing a horror story with a family drama, and now Universal’s going to come along and muck it all up. Like they always do.

News from the AFM, via Kung Fu Cult Cinema, is that Universal won in the bidding war for the remake rights to The Host. Constant Asian remake producers Roy Lee and Doug Davidson (of Vertigo Entertainment) will produce alongside Gold Circle Films. The remake is already on its way toward production as you read this, and I’ve just died inside a little.

Listen, The Host is a brilliant film. Fun, horrific, touching, it’s full of real human characters having real-world reactions to insane situations. I have a seriously hard time seeing this being duplicated, especially so soon, so be sure to go see it when Magnolia gets it out in theaters later this year. Check out the current play dates for it here, and keep your eye on Magonlia’s site for more.

A remake is inevitable, though I honestly didn’t think it’d be this soon, but please be sure to see the original as soon as you can!

Johnny Butane

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