Children's Books Get a Genre Spin Thanks to Josh Cooley

Children's Books Get a Genre Spin Thanks to Josh CooleyWhen I was growing up, my children's books consisted of Creepy, Eerie, Fangoria, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and The Savage Sword of Conan. Yep, I grew up kind of strange, but hey, if someone would have shown me these, I wouldn't have argued at all!

Below you'll find a gallery of images from artist Josh Cooley, who has taken some of the most memorable scenes from horror history and otherwise and transformed them into what they would have looked like if they were children's stories. You want cool? These are pretty damned cool. Even better, if you really like 'em, you can own 'em as they're all for sale! Just click here.

Enough talk... dig!

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Source: Josh Cooley