Burton on Dark Shadows Film?

Dark Shadows on it's way backIt’s been almost a year since it was first announced that Johnny Depp was working on bringing the 1960’s supernatural soap opera “Dark Shadows” to the big screen, and since that announcement all has been very quiet about the project.

Then over the weekend, IESB got to chatting with Get Smart director Peter Segal, who mentioned that writer John August is penning another film for him while dividing his time with Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. This is the first I’ve heard of Burton being attached to the film, as well, but it’s not like this should be surprising; Burton and Depp are like chocolate and peanut butter at this point.

Of course it’s all rumors until we hear otherwise, but might as well get us fans talking about a potential Dark Shadows film with Depp & Burton and just how cool it could be now, right? Just imagine all those monsters throughout the show’s history crammed into a film? Could be really, really cool, indeed.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Borgosi

    If they stick to the original story this could be good. A dark three way love story.

    They could do three different movies. In the first Barnabas would be released from his coffin and begin to stike terror in the hearts of the people of Collinsport. The second movie would take us back in time and show us how Barnabas was cursed after making love to Angelique then leaving her for Josette. His father than chains him into his coffin. Then the third movie would bring us back to the present and would tell the story of Julia Hoffman trying to cure Barnabas because she has fallen in love with him as he tries to find a replacement for Josette.

    Yes, if done as a dark, gothic love story and not as an action, comedy this could be a good thing.

    I do wish Tim Burton was writing it.

  • Terminal

    Awww, I don’t want to see a “Dark Shadows” movie starring Helena Big Head Carter, and Johnny Depp.

  • stevetheheb

    Awesome, Dark Shadows rocked.

    Not sure how I feel about Tim Burton taking it on though. Meh, we’ll see.