NECA Unveils Retro Ash and New Aliens Figures

NECA Unveils Retro-Ash and New Aliens FiguresNECA Toys has unveiled your first look at some of its new figures for 2014, and though you cannot dig your claws into these goodies yet, just seeing them puts the ho-ho-ho in horror! Check 'em out and feel your wallets start burning.

NECA has revealed packaged shots of the second series of its Aliens line. According to Figures.com these bad boys are due out this February, and the assortment includes Colonial Marine Sgt. Craig Windrix along with the star of the 1979 film Alien, the Alien itself, aka Xenomorph. The third figure (not pictured) is a new Alien Warrior featuring blue highlights.

Also coming is Retro Ash from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. The doll has real cloth that’s similar to the retro-styled Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees versions announced this past fall.

Look for more from NECA soon!




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Source: Figures.com



Who the fuck is Windrix?

Submitted by LSD Zombie on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 4:24pm.
Debi Moore's picture

I wondered the same thing and did a quick search. What I found was pretty heartwarming: The figure is a tribute to a NECA “family” member that was diagnosed with cancer. In fact, he is brother to one of the NECA sculptors, Kyle Windrix. So through discussion with Fox, they have added the figure to the line as a tribute to this real life hero that is fighting one of the unfortunate enemies that we all face.

Submitted by Debi Moore on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 4:39pm.
moderator Wow. I may just have to buy
Steve Barton's picture

Wow. I may just have to buy him.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 5:38pm.
kiddcapone's picture

Is it my imagination or does every single Alien figure look basically the same? Seriously, the only difference is the scale. I can't figure out old, new, who made it, etc, from any Alien toy line.

Submitted by kiddcapone on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 4:14pm.
moderator The differences are subtle
Steve Barton's picture

The differences are subtle but there are differences. For instance the dome on the Xeno above is drastically different than the more common ones found in Aliens. Then there's color IE: the Xeno in Alien 3 being more brown than black. It's kind of like pointing out different breeds of cockroaches. They're all basically the same but breeds can differ in appearance.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 5:43pm.
frank_dracman's picture


Submitted by frank_dracman on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 6:30pm.
moderator I know... I know... LOL!
Steve Barton's picture

I know... I know... LOL!

Submitted by Steve Barton on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 7:48pm.

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