This is Silent Hill V?

Silent Hill 5 (click to see it bigger!)Sometimes I’m loathe to bring attention to screenshots of a game that is still a good ways off when they look as bad as this, but when the game is Silent Hill V and the graphics just aren’t remotely up to scratch, it’s a different story.

I’ve been pretty positive on this title since the unveiling. The Collective made the first Buffy title for Xbox, which was a great use of a license, and was working on Harker before being offered Silent Hill V, and that was looking pretty damn impressive technically.

Which is why I just can’t figure out why the hell Silent Hill V looks like it does. If there were some crazy lighting effects at play in these screens at Gamer Syde, I’d be pointing out that simple environments and textures make those effects possible … but no such effects.

There isn’t even the trademarked grain filter the series is so well known for. Normally I roll my eyes at people who suggest that a game looks last gen, but I can’t here. Silent Hill 3 looked better running on a PC years ago.

Hopefully these screenshots are from really early unfinished areas of the game running on a really early version of the engine. If not, The Collective has got a lot of work to do if they don’t want to piss off the long suffering Silent Hill fanbase.


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  • plagiarize

    maybe it’s just because i’ve been looking at screenshots of Condemned 2, Dead Space and other competing horror titles. i’m used to the Silent Hill games being best in class graphically. Silent Hill 3 was one of the absolute best looking games on the PS2 and pushed that system something crazily.

    here, i’m seeing low detailed environments, low resolution textures, and terrible lighting. where’s the clutter? the dirt? the choking dusty atmosphere? the shadows?

    the fog is the kind of fog we saw in Turok on the N64, rather than the more swirling rolling fog we got in SH2 and on.

    look at the stuff on the desk. look at the monster, and the shadow of it in the first shot…

    nothing in these screenshots stands out compared to Silent Hill 3. it doesn’t look worse than silent hill 3, I just expect that a next gen game should be distuingishable technically from it’s predecessors.

  • elric300

    Looks good, so far. Could use some polishing, but let’s hope that’s in store during the next few months.

    I HATE the grain filter. Always have, and likely always will. First thing i did on each game was to disable it. It makes a world of difference on the PC versions.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Ya know, I thought so too! Looking pretty good!

  • Caine Is Able

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is….they look pretty damn good to me.