Beware... Sonny Fernandez's Indie Film Bloodgod Now Available on DVD

That's right; you heard it here first. Bloodgod from Sonny Fernandez and Down Twisted Studios dropped on DVD on February 1st. We've got the trailer, artwork, and a few stills from Bloodgod right here. Check it all out!

For more info check out the official Down Twisted Studios website, where you can find behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, trailers, making-of features, reviews, buying information, video reviews from Sonny Fernandez, etc., etc., etc. If you want to bypass the site and just buy the film, you can get Bloodgod from the EvilShop below.

From the Press Release
From Sonny Fernandez and Down Twisted Studios comes the next indie epic, Bloodgod! Finally available on DVD, the film was directed and written by Sonny Fernandez and stars Nathan Stecklar as well as the infamous Down Twisted crew: Kim Haarman, Cody Tergesen, Justin Kavlie and Jared Eamon. The film follows Chris Mogan (Nathan Stecklar), who is having a bad day. He's changing, his flesh is growing, his skin is peeling. He has the sudden urge to kill anything and anyone who gets in his way. Even worse, there's a small army of men with guns and tranquilizer darts trying to capture him.

To find the truth, he must set out with his girlfriend, Rem (Kim Haarman), to discover the answers about what is happening to him. The more he discovers, however, the more he learns that he may single-handedly bring about hell on earth, and the only way to stop it may be to destroy everything he's ever loved.

Writer/director Sonny Fernandez and Down Twisted Studios, the legendary visionaries behind The New Girls and Highway 91, step up once again to bring you a story of death, blood, revenge, love and redemption as only the masters of indie horror can do it!

Bloodgod DVD specs

  • Blooper Reel
  • Special F/X Feature (F/X before and after comparison)

    Beware... Sonny Fernandez's Indie Film Bloodgod Now Available on DVD

    Beware... Sonny Fernandez's Indie Film Bloodgod Now Available on DVD

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    MonsterMash's picture

    I'd like to like that trailer, but I don't know what I think of it. Props for getting distribution though!

    Submitted by MonsterMash on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 1:18am.

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