Exclusive Trailer Premiere - All Superheroes Must Die

Time for another exclusive courtesy of Image Entertainment. Get ready to feast your eyes on the official trailer premiere for All Superheroes Must Die. Strap on your cape and check out the goodies right here.

All Superheroes Must Die, starring, written and directed by Jason Trost (star, writer/director of The FP) and co-starring James Remar ("Dexter") and Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class), premieres on VOD January 1, 2013, and will soar across the big screen in limited theatrical engagements starting January 4, 2013.

The film follows four masked avengers - Charge (Trost), Cutthroat (Till), The Wall (Lee Valmassy) and Shadow (Sophie Merkley) - who find themselves stripped of their powers by their arch-nemesis (Remar), whom they defeated years earlier...or so they thought. When the sinister mastermind puts the heroes through a series of brutal challenges that are virtually impossible to overcome, they must battle the clock – and even each other – in a race to stop a deadly countdown that could mean total destruction. Will the superheroes prevail, or will they be forced to meet their demise as mere human beings?

Exclusive Trailer Premiere - All Superheroes Must Die

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Terminal's picture

Great way to save money by stripping them of their powers before the movie begins. Looks like a Saw clone with superheroes. I'll think about watching it.

Submitted by Terminal on Wed, 12/19/2012 - 7:32pm.

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