Iron Sky: Invasion Plans for World Domination

Iron Sky: Invasion is making plans to take over the world on November 22, 2012. Players will jump into a video game based around the film in which they will battle Nazis in deep space. Read on to hear from the game's lead writer Dean Liapis.

From the Press Release
The slew of cutscenes recorded in TopWare’s studios (with many original actors from the movie) all develop different dark-humored storylines coinciding with the fight against the Nazi invasion. A variety of missions await in the blackness of deep space, whether it’s preparing a press conference for the Lady President or fending off a squadron of Nazis attempting to destroy India’s TV satellites. These missions are only the tip of the iceberg in this fast paced satirical space shooter.

TopWare Interactive announces a new release date for the space combat simulation Iron Sky: Invasion from Reality Pump. The game was previously announced for November 9th but now will be released for PC and Mac on November 22nd across Europe. A console version will follow in December.

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Alexandra Constandache, CEO of TopWare Interactive: "After thoroughly testing the game within the community, we’ve listened to the feedback and have decided to implement some positive changes that will allow us to retain our high quality standards. We all here at TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump are huge fans of space combat simulations and want to combine the humor and bizarre world from the movie Iron Sky with great game features.”

Iron Sky: Invasion

Iron Sky: Invasion features breathtaking action, frantic dogfights and epic battles against huge enemies like the mighty space zeppelins. Besides constantly fighting for his life, the player will need to keep his bearings by using the real time map, hyper jumping where he is needed most, in addition to finding and accepting plentiful side missions in order to gain better weapons and armor. A tactical shop and upgrade system aids the brave pilots in their struggle to bring peace and freedom to the people of earth.

The below video features Dean Liapis talking about how he tied the movie’s story to the game and the experience of working with the actors from the film. Most importantly, he discusses how he was able to bring the quirky, dark humor of the movie to the in-game dialogue and storylines, and how he dealt with making the game accessible to those who have not yet seen the Iron Sky film.

Visit the official Iron Sky: Invasion website to learn more about the game.

Iron Sky Video Game Tie-In Iron Sky: Invasion Lands this November

Iron Sky Video Game Tie-In Iron Sky: Invasion Lands this November

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