Dexter: The Top 7 Most Vicious Killers

"Dexter" Season 7 is quickly approaching, and we can hardly wait to see what's in store for us viewers this September 30th. Season 6 ended with Debra finding out Dexter's dark secret, actually catching him in the act. In honor of six seasons of Dexter ridding Miami of murderers, here is our list of seven killers we are most glad Dexter was around for.

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Dexter: The Top 7 Most Vicious Killers


1. The Trinity Killer aka Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow)

Season 4 is easily the best season of "Dexter" because of one thing: the Trinity Killer. John Lithgow brings to life the scariest serial killer ever to grace the screen.

I'll set the scene- Lithgow is in a bathtub full of water, sitting behind a young woman. Her face is frightened as his is soft and gentle. In one hand he holds a mirror aimed at the face of the young woman, whom he has in a choke hold. In his other hand is a razor, which he uses to slice the woman's femoral artery. In the mirror he watches as the life, and blood, completely drains out of his victim.

The bathtub is only one place Trinity performs his murders. The others include forcing a mother of two to commit suicide via high jump, beating a father of two to death with a hammer and burying a young boy alive.

Mitchell was an abusive father of two who was very active in his church's home building projects, an activity that allowed him to travel to kill. His worst act before his death by Dexter - the murder of Dexter's wife, Rita - created the biggest surprise on "Dexter" to date.

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The most vicious DEXTER killers are the show's writers.

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