Winning Wrong Turn 5 Cover Art Unveiled!

A couple of weeks ago we gave you the chance to pick the official artwork for the Wrong Turn 5 Blu-ray and DVD. The race was close, but the results are in and we have your winner. Check it out right here, right now.

Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, Roxanne McKee, Simon Ginty, Oliver Hoare, Amy Lennox, Luebke, Duncan Wisbey, Kyle Redmond-Jones, Peter Brooke, Radoslav Purvanov (Ratzata), Georgi Karlukovski and Bobi Iliev star in this latest entry into the gory franchise from director Declan O'Brien.

In the next chilling chapter of Wrong Turn, a small West Virginia town is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where throngs of costumed partygoers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals kill the fun when they trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students who are dying for a good time...

Winning Wrong Turn 5 Cover Art Unveiled!

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I'm very happy! I voted for this artwork because it is part of the style of WT. The girl, the tree, the fire and a body part of one of the brothers. I think the artworks of WT2 & WT4 are very of low-level.

Submitted by thehitcher on Sat, 07/28/2012 - 7:43pm.

Damm thats too bad. I liked the other one better. This one looks similar to the poster of WT3.

Submitted by JB Demented on Fri, 07/27/2012 - 12:09am.
fceurich39's picture

wow thought for sure the other artwork with the guys head ala motel hell would of won!!!

Submitted by fceurich39 on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 8:45pm.

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