Ready to Listen to John Russo's Movie Music?

John Russo is a legend in the horror community and one of the original minds behind the film Night of the Living Dead. Russo will be releasing a new CD soon entitled John Russo's Movie Music!!. which will have songs from some of his horror movies. There is also a special treat on the CD--three songs are sung by the man himself!

Nearly everyone in the horror industry owes a lot of their success to John A. Russo whether they realize it or not. Russo is one of the founding fathers of the zombie genre, having created the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD along with his friends George A. Romero, George Kosana and Russell Streiner in 1968. This was the first time zombies were featured in cinema history, although now zombies have stumbled their way into every form of media in the world and are continuing to turn fans into dead heads at an alarming rate.

Russo has continued to produce films as both a writer and director over the years, and it's nearly impossible to have a full-length film without some form of music featured in the movie. That's why Russo has created John A. Russo's Movie Music!!--an album that features 10 different songs from his illustrious film career. Included on the album are the songs "Christmas By Myself" (Male & Female Versions) and "Brand New Christmas" from the film SANTA CLAWS. The album also includes songs from the films MIDNIGHT, THE MAJORETTES and HEARTSTOPPER as well as three songs performed by the man himself.

John Russo's Movie Music!! is not only for the fans of his classic films, but fans of music in general. The collection features a collaboration of many different genres including pop, country, bluegrass and others all on one album. Russo has proved that he has an excellent singing voice in addition to being a talented director and writer.

Both the undead and the living can appreciate the great music featured on the album so for more information, head over to John Russo's Scary Treasures.

Ready to Listen to John Russo's Movie Music?

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