Something Unknown is Starting to Crackle

Something Unknown is Starting to CrackleThe media landscape is changing in a hurry. Long gone are the days when we used to have to worry about basic cable to see some of the shows or movies that made us smile. A new online digital delivery service seems to pop up every day. Right now, though, our sights are on Crackle, which is looking to get into the horror biz!

According to Deadline the anthology series "Unknown", Crackle's first long-form scripted show, has assembled a cast and locked in directors.

Frances Fisher (The Lincoln Lawyer), William Atherton (Life), and Taryn Manning ("Hawaii Five-0") will star in installments of the thriller/horror anthology, which examines unexplained phenomena.

Kevin Connolly ("Entourage") will direct an episode featuring Jay R. Ferguson ("Mad Men"), visual effects specialist Sam Nicholson ("The Walking Dead") will direct another episode featuring Christina Pickles, and Martha Coolidge will directs the rest of the six half-hour episodes.

Production on the series, executive produced by Chris Collins ("Sons of Anarchy") and former LucasFilm executive Steve Tzirlin, started last month for a launch later this year on the Sony Pictures TV-owned digital network Crackle.

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Source: Deadline



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Crackle ain't to bad ...if you don't mind a commercial every five minutes.

Submitted by WLKNDED on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 10:48am.

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