Piranha Sharks Go Viral and Spawn a New Trailer

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Two New Posters Create a SchismFirst there were Sea Monkeys. Then came the Pet Rock. Then the Tamagotchi. And the Furby. Now comes the newest fad pet set to take the world by storm: genetically-engineered Piranha Sharks!

Nothing bad could possibly come from combining the DNA of sharks and piranhas to create a new form of fashionable fish tank fodder, right?

PiranhaSharks.com is now live so that you too can get in on the crazy by ordering you very own living breathing Piranha Sharks. Even celebs like Jose Canseco are thrilled to the gills with these toothy little bundles of fun. These controversial critters are poised to revolutionize both the toy and pet industry assuming something doesn’t go horribly awry, like say the piranha sharks quickly evolving into vicious, swarming maneaters that get loose in the New York City sewer system.

Coincidentally, the newest trailer for Leigh Scott’s horror comedy of the same name has also appeared online. Typical Hollywood elitist trying to spoil everyone’s fun with sensationalistic alarmist propaganda. Can’t I just enjoy my Piranha Sharks in peace?

God’s not dead but something tells me Kevin Sorbo will be by the third reel.

Piranha Sharks

Piranha Sharks

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