CW To Keep Picking At Supernatural’s Bones With Another Spin-Off Attempt

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Preview of Supernatural Episode 9.22 - Stairway to HeavenNo, “Supernatural” isn’t dead yet. It just feels like it. As the show limps toward yet another rote and unsatisfying conclusion (three in a row, for those keeping track), The CW has decided to try its hand at the whole spin-off thing yet again. Because it worked out so well three episodes ago.

Deadline is reporting that the network is determined to make another “Supernatural” spin-off next year. The announcement comes less than a week after the network wised up and decided to kill the miserable “Supernatural: Bloodlines” project where it stood.

CW chief Mark Pedowitz admitted that the spin-off endeavor “just didn’t get there” this season.

“Not getting there” is a bit of an understatement for one of the worst hours of television ever produced. “Bloodlines” had none of the grit that defined “Supernatural” throughout its formative years, instead delivering flaccid and high-gloss bullshit intrinsic of other CW properties. And that ending…where Sam and Dean stand idle and allow someone to commit cold-blooded murder without objection…to call it appalling is an understatement.

The bigger problem is that the showrunners seem tired. Or bored. The show is without direction, producing miserable story arcs that feel made up on the fly, and without any kind of resonating payoff. I’ve watched the last three seasons out of obligation, hoping that the show would find its footing again, but everything after the sixth season (one year longer than it was supposed to run) has been lazy and forgettable. The earlier seasons had show-defining atmosphere and shockingly strong writing. It’s all a distant memory now.

“Supernatural” is on life support, CW. Let it go quietly into the light. Because we’re beginning to feel a lot like Adam Winchester.


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  • addeisdead

    “delivering flaccid and high-gloss bullshit intrinsic of other CW properties”

    I think that pretty much summed it up perfectly. The biggest problem I always had with Vampire Diaries (among many) was that everyone on the show seemed rich and perfect, even the ones who were supposed to be poor and dysfunctional. Every other episode it seemed like the town was throwing some big formal gala for all the elites. Everyone was beautiful, wealthy, and important. Bloodlines was the exact same crap.

    As for Supernatural, I think they just lost track of the show. I remember a long time ago seeing Eric Kripke’s plot board for the first five seasons showing how everything connected. It was impressive to say the least. Now they introduce plot points and then abandon them for episodes on end. Remember when they tried to cleanse Crowley, and then we had glimpses of Crowley appearing to be good? Then it was right back to him being sneaky and evil again. Metatron disappeared for half the season while they went off on this wild Abaddon goose chase. There has been no real sense of mounting tension or what the end game for this season is supposed to be. In previous years, we at least knew something really bad was going to happen and the Winchesters had to stop it. Now it’s just a bunch of butthurt angels sniping at each other.

  • Rob

    The ‘Bloodlines’ show could’ve been at least decent if they’d done a few things differently. The big thing was they needed to get better actors. Nathaniel Buzolic was the only decent performer, and the only interesting character out of the new ones. If you’re going to start a backdoor pilot for a show with characters that you’re just introducing in said pilot, they need to be really fucking interesting. As much disdain I have for VD and The Originals, they at least waited almost two seasons of establishing those characters before giving them their own show. Also, whose bright idea was it to make the lead guy from Never Back Down the Alpha of a werewolf mafia family. Angus Sutherland would’ve been a better candidate for that character than the guy they got.

    They also needed to have better monsters. I get why they used shifters/wolves/vamps, but they mentioned something about ghouls being one of the top clans in the city which is pretty odd since ghouls were established to be low-ranking monsters. I’d have rather they brought in those weresnake creatures or whatever they were called, since those had a pack mentality more than ghouls do.

    I think the issue was CW wanted a supernatural show in Chicago after VD made such a big deal about the Originals in Chicago, but then Julie Plec went with New Orleans for The Originals’ setting, so then they basically decided to make a copy of The Originals blueprint and disguise it as a Supernatural spinoff.

    Personally I’d have liked a wild west prequel, having Samuel Colt as the lead and maybe throw in another Phoenix for a wildcard character.