This Chick Looks Pretty Dead

Word of this film came in as a review request, but after checking out the movie's synopsis and trailer, we thought we should give you guys an early heads up. Director Benjamin Wilkins brings us a fresh take on a couple of horror sub-genres with the upcoming film Pretty Dead.

The story revolves around Regina Stevens, a woman who appears to be stricken with some sort of mental and physical illness, but questions abound as to what exactly is wrong with her. Pretty Dead can be described as a zombie film but from an entirely new angle. Also this is a found footage picture. But all the footage shot needed to be from scenes that would actually be filmed by a reasonable person and introduced as evidence for investigating the murders committed by Stevens. We like what we're hearing so far.

The film stars Carly Oates, Ryan Shogren, Quantae Love, Emily Button and Dave Matos.

Check out more info on the film via the Pretty Dead website and like them on the Pretty Dead Facebook page. We think this is one worth keeping an eye on. More to come as we get it. Stay tuned.

About Pretty Dead
The movie is composed entirely of found footage chronicling the last days of Regina Stevens, a young doctor who, after killing and cannibalizing several men and being found unfit for trial in 2007, was diagnosed with Cotard's Syndrome--a rare dissociative disorder also known as "Walking Corpse Disease."

While being held in a Los Angeles County psychiatric ward, she desperately tried to convince her psychiatric caregivers that she was not actually mentally ill, but was in fact slowly becoming a real life zombie. Several weeks after being committed, she suddenly died from unknown causes and her body mysteriously disappeared.

The film is composed entirely of footage obtained from the evidentiary archives of the 2009 US District Court case against the California State Health Department for the return of Regina's body to her family.

This Chick Looks Pretty Dead

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