Ron Purtee Returns with The Sole Survivor Web Series

He's given us a Nightmare. Subjected us to a Social Media Massacre. And taught us that Love Is Not Enough. Indie director Ron Purtee has crept into our psyche with his low-budget, high-tension films. Now he's at it again with a new web series entitled The Sole Survivor, and this time Ron is in front of the camera!

The Sole Survivor launches its pilot episode on March 15, and Purtee could not be more excited about it. "I really wanted to get in front of the camera for once. It's very rare that I'm given a chance like that, and I decided that I should take it now," Purtee said. "The vlog style really lends to me being able to direct and act at the same time."

Take a look at the trailer below, and head over to the Facebook page for The Sole Survivor and give them a like! You can also follow Purtee at the official Ron Purtee website and on Twitter (@ronpurtee).

From the Press Release
The Sole Survivor is a huge step for filmmaker Ron Purtee. Not only is he writing and directing, but he is also starring in the new web series.

The film is the story of John, a man who is uploading videos of his life on the road during the search for other survivors after a global pandemic has ravaged the population, all the while avoiding "cleaner squads" whose job is to eradicate the virus by any means. The series will be shot in somewhat of a vlog style with Purtee as the star.

Ron Purtee Returns with The Sole Survivor Web Series

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