V/H/S Director in Negotiations for Next Friday the 13th

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V/H/S Director in Negotiations for Next Friday the 13thSo we’ve all been waiting patiently to see who the next director of the latest installment of the Friday the 13th franchise would be. Today we’re closer to that answer, and the choice may signify the found footage route after all given the person considered for the gig’s past.

The Wrap is reporting that David Bruckner, who wrote and directed the “Amateur Night” segment of V/H/S (which follows three guys who bring a mysterious girl back to their motel room, where terror strikes), is in negotiations to direct the Friday the 13th reboot for Paramount and Platinum Dunes.

It’s unclear what approach Bruckner plans to take with the reboot or how it will incorporate the Jason Voorhees/Camp Crystal Lake mythology.

Bruckner previously co-wrote and co-directed the 2007 horror film The Signal, and he has also been working on the home invasion thriller Intrusion for producers Doug Davison and David Linde.

Paramount has already picked out the perfect release date for the Friday the 13th reboot — Friday, March 13, 2015. Please just bring back Derek Mears and give him something exciting to do. That’s all we ask.

More as it comes.

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  • kiddcapone

    When they first announced Jason turning into Robo Jason killing kids on a spaceship in the future, I knew it was going to suck. It did.

    When they first announced Jason was next up for the Platinum Dunes remake machine, I knew it was going to suck. It did.

    And now they are basically annoucing a cheap found footage gimmick Jason flick, I know it is going to suck. And it will.

  • Richard1188

    All I want is for them to keep it old school, how about instead of it being modern why not have it take place in the late 80s. Jason doesn’t belong in the age of iPhones and extreme technology. The movies are much more scarier with less technology and modern crap but looking as it is supposed to be half found footage, it’s going to surely crap on itself. I’d be extremely surprised if they somehow make it work.