No April Fool’s Joke! RiffTrax Coming to TV on April 1st and It’s Going to Be a Total Riff-Off!

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No April Fool's Joke! RiffTrax Coming to TV on April 1st and It's Going to Be a Total Riff-Off!For years now the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” alumni at RiffTrax have been producing video riffs, MP3 riffs, and live movie theater broadcasts. On April 1st RiffTrax is finally going primetime.

Fill your head with knowledge while having belly laughs as you experience a “Total Riff-Off” thanks to the National Geographic Channel of all networks.

Word began breaking across the internet a few days ago that Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, formerly of MST3K/currently of RiffTrax, were poised to return to TV on April Fool’s Day, poking fun at some of National Geographic’s programming. Now we have official confirmation from the Riffers themselves. Here’s what they had to say on the RiffTrax website:

Yes, that date is April Fool’s, but there’s no joke here. Well, there will be jokes. Lots of jokes. Jokes told by us, on television. But the fact that there WILL be jokes isn’t a joke, you see… Look, we’ll start over.

We are incredibly excited to announce that RiffTrax will take over the National Geographic Channel for a special night of riffs, badass dino birds, rage-filled shrimp, demon bats, and more!

The good folks at National Geographic have taught the world about animals, science, and fascinating cultures for years. Now, in their infinite wisdom, they’ve seen fit to have RiffTrax riffmasters Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy take on some of their wildest, strangest discoveries. This will be the guys’ first time riffing on television since Mystery Science Theater 3000, and trust us, you do NOT want to miss it. Think of them as the kids in the back of high school science class cracking wise, except funnier, and with better skin.

So flap your wings, flex your dorsal fin, or just move your regular old boring human feet, but do whatever you have to do to get yourself in front of a TV for the rapid-fire hilarity of “TOTAL RIFF-OFF” on National Geographic!

The “Total Riff-Off” begins Tuesday, April 1st, at 8PM ET with “Killer Shrimp N’ Friends.” The RiffTrax gang has fun with some funky underwater mudbugs from an episode of “Bad@$$ Animals” and then dive into a segment from “My Dog Ate What?” featuring a pup with an affinity for thongs.

At 9PM ET the riffing turns its attention to cryptozoology with an episode of “Man vs. Monster” featuring the hunt for a giant flesh-eating “Demon Bat.”

The third and final hour at 10PM EST begins with the special relationship between a “Guy and a Goose” from an episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” and ends with the gator wranglers of “Swamp Men” and the highly trained K-9s of “Alpha Dogs.”

With any hope “Total Riff-Off” can turn into a regular thing bouncing around the various cable channels riffing on some of their programming. Just imagine what could happen if RiffTrax ever got hold of some of the shows airing on TLC or Bravo.

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