Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 – Us

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Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 - UsYes, we usually have our follow-up story to Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” posted a little earlier in the day, but after the harrowing events that transpired, we needed a bit more time to compose ourselves. If you’re ready to proceed as well, here’s more on Episode 4.15, “Us.”

With a title like “Us,” we’re hoping that means at least a few of our survivors are going to be coming together next week.

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, “The Walking Dead” stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, Chad Coleman, and Sonequa Martin-Green.

The series is executive produced by Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Tom Luse, and Greg Nicotero.

“The Walking Dead” Episode 4.15 – “Us” (airs 3/23/14)
Faith becomes a survival tool for some fighting to stay alive.

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Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 - Us

Another Clip and a Pair of Images Arrive from The Walking Dead Episode 4.15 - Us

The Walking Dead Season 4 on AMC TV

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  • kiddcapone

    With all those pacing issues, and unlikeable dead characters no longer on the show, and, and, and people walking on railroad tracks for 39 consecutive episodes…I don’t know how anyone can watch this shit any more. Fuck the Walking Dead.

    You want to impress us people who don’t like the show and don’t watch? Kill off Daryl. Sure, we’ll still bitch and moan afterwards about SOMETHING, but you can also piss off the fans who actually tune in weekly and contribute to the high ratings. Win/Win. BRILLIANT!

    • Rottenjesus

      “Hello kiddiecapone, you’ve reached 1-800-WHO-GIVES-A-FUCK. If you want us to Fuck You Back Press 1. If you want to talk to someone who shares the same views as you please hang up the phone and shove it up your ass. GOOD DAY SIR!”


      • Jinx

        Well, there it is. The single greatest response made in Dread’s history.

      • kiddcapone

        I’ve been shamed….Well played rotten Jesus avatar internet guy, well played in deed…

        If it takes forever, I will seek my vengeance through a cleverly placed jpeg or animated gif, and then you my friend will suffer the same irreparable humiliation and feel my fury…

        • Rottenjesus

          Two things are abundantly clear:

          1. You won’t and still bitch about a show you claim you don’t watch.

          2. I certainly don’t care and will enjoy TWD until it gets cancelled ten years from now.

          • kiddcapone

            Two things are even more abundantly clear:

            1. You’re an idiot.

            2. Only an idiot would take my post seriously. You clearly have me confused with Buz, because nowhere, at no point, at any time, did I ever bitch about TWD or say I didn’t watch the show. In fact, it was only 9 days ago in the last Walking Dead thread that I defended the show against what I believe was nitpicks and ridiculous criticisms and hence added this tongue-in-cheek post to bust Buz’s nuts.

            So…is there any other inside DC jokes meant for people who actually read the site daily that completely went over your head that you need fully explained to you?

          • Rottenjesus

            My post was tongue in cheek as well but please refrain from calling me names in the future or I will post Carl vs Door pictures until your brain bleeds out of your ears. DON’T CROSS THAT LINE MOTHERFUCKER!

            As for Buz’s balls, they’ve been busted for ages. His Muppet voice tells the sad tale every time. 😉

            P.S. You’re a nasty smelly butthole and nobody likes you.

          • Uncle Creepy

            He can be an absolute douche sometimes, and he puts myself and members of the site through no end of bullshit at times, but I understand Kidd and dig ’em.

            At least he’s an active part of the community and he gets people talking.

          • kiddcapone

            Thanks buddy! You’d think after all this time people would appreciate, if not at least understand, my sense of humor, even if we don’t always agree with every topic…Good thing I didn’t make a reference to liking Yellowbrickroad more than TWD…

            1-2-3, the crew is called BDP, and if you want to go to the tip top, stop the violence in hip hop, Y-O…

          • GODFLESH69

            BUZ just look at the flowers man!